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Colors of 2021 according to Pantone. How to apply them in interiors?

Dobrawa Bies
21 of December '20

This year's Pantone Color Institute announcement brought two big surprises. First, we have not one, but two colors of the year 2021, and second, few expected such a contrasting combination. The colors of next year are Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow. They can be a fashionable addition in interiors, but they should be skillfully combined. And how? Read our tips.

Every year at the beginning of December, the eyes of the world closely follow all the movements and activities of the world's color authority - the Pantone Color Institute. This year the institute has chosen not one but two colors, justifying its decision with hopes for the coming year.
The Ultimate Grey color is supposed to represent peace, strength and fortitude, while the intense yellow Illuminating Yellow symbolizes joy and optimism.

Kolory roku 2021
w aranżacji wnętrz

The colors of 2021 are subdued gray and energetic yellow

© WestwingNow

The American Pantone Institute has specialized in color systematics since 1963. It has been announcing the color of the year for two decades. This year's color of the year was classic blue, while previous years included coral, luscious green and purple. The color of the year is determined through a long and deliberate process that takes into account lifestyle and industry trends. The institute's experts point out that usually the trends we see in color reflect the big macro trends taking place in the culture.

Szare wnętrza
w odcieniu Ultimate Grey

The gray color provides an excellent base for many arrangements

© WestwingNow

Ultimate Grey

Rather few people typified the shade of gray as one of the colors of 2021. Perhaps such a choice is an overtone of what is happening in the world right now - we are a bit hung up on gray. Besides, we like gray, it's on our clothes and in our interiors.
The use of Ultimate Grey in interior design is therefore relatively simple, because the color is an excellent base for many styles and blends well with virtually all other colors. The combination that the Pantone Color Institute proposes to us, that is, a neutral and a distinct color together, effectively fits into the "80% neutral, 20% color" design concept!

Żółte dodatki
w sypialni

Yellow has plenty of shades that can be used as color accents

© WestwingNow

Illuminating Yellow

Yellow represents joy, sunshine and optimism. Yellow is energizing and empowering. On the other hand, it is not easy to interpret in interiors. Let's not be afraid of this color, but let's not interpret Illuminating Yellow too literally either. The institute with its choice gives us a hint, and we ourselves should find a shade that suits us and will go well with our interior. Let's remember that yellow has a lot of shades, such as banana, which is quite close to beige, or mustard with a touch of brown or gold. The choices and combinations are many!

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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