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Competition for the design of the main exhibition space of the Museum of Photography in Krakow!

04 of March '20

The former Armory at 22 Rakowicka Street has already hosted photographs on its walls, including on the occasion of the 15th edition of Photomonth in Krakow in 2017. Work on the renovation and reconstruction of the building is underway, so the time has also come to design the museum's interior.

The goal of the competition is to obtain the best concept for the arrangement of the exhibition space in terms of art, plasticity and content. The competition work is to be characterized by internal coherence and integrity in relation to the building's capabilities while preserving its character, as well as its purpose.
The winner of the competition will receive an invitation to negotiate on a negotiated contract basis.
Competition projects can be submitted until May 29 this year at 12:00 pm to the address:
pl. Jana Nowaka Jeziorańskiego 3, 31-154 Kraków or
The official announcement of the results will take place on July 10 this year.

Visualization of the exhibition and education center of the Museum of Photography in Krakow at 22 Rakowicka Street.
© courtesy of the Museum of Photography in Krakow


The jury consists of: Adrianna Gębala-Pietras, Dr. Janusz Czop, Dr. Dominik Kuryłek, Dr. Agnieszka Olszewska, Malwina Antoniszczak, Prof. Czesława Frejlich, Karolina Lewandowska and arch. Piotr Lewicki.
In addition to permanent and temporary exhibitions, the new MuFo main building will also house a library, an educational zone, a bookstore and a café. The author of the concept for the modernization and expansion of the Armory is Prof. Dr. Marek Pabich. The effect of his work will be seen in early 2021.
More information about the competition can be found here and on the website of the Museum of Photography in Cracow.

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