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Competition "Polish Cement in Architecture" for the fourteenth time

26 of August '20

We invite you to participate in the competition for the best architectural realization using reinforced concrete technology organized by the Association of Polish Architects and the Association of Cement Manufacturers.

The purpose of the XXIV edition of the competition is to select the best realization made with the use of reinforced concrete technology and handed over for use by the end of 2019. Submitted works should exemplify a significant application of concrete technology in the field of:

  • general construction objects,
  • industrial construction objects,
  • engineering structures.

Works to participate in the competition can be submitted through: SARP branches, PZITB branches, studios, design offices, investors, Cement Manufacturers Association.


The evaluation of the submitted works will be carried out by a jury composed of:

  • Bohdan (Biś) Lisowski- chairman of the court,
  • Daria Kieżun - representative of the SARP Board of Presidents,
  • Piotr Lewicki - winner of last year's "Polish Cement in Architecture" competition,
  • Grzegorz Stiasny - architect member of the SARP Competition Judges College, appointed by the SARP Governing Council,
  • Zbigniew Pilch - representative of the Association of Cement Manufacturers.

competition schedule

  • deadline for submission of works: until October 16 this year.
  • address: SARP General Board Office, 2 Foksal St., 00-366 Warsaw,
  • announcement of competition results: December 4 this year.

For more information, detailed regulations and an entry form, please visit the competition website.

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