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Competition for office building on Kasprzaka Street in Warsaw settled!

23 of April '20

Due to the current situation, SARP - for the second time - decided to announce the results of the competition on the Association's official Facebook profile. The Secretary of the Competition Jury Rafal Mroczkowski has been appointed to this task.

SARP has announced the results of the competition for the architectural and urbanplanning concept for the office complex at 25A Kasprzaka Street in Warsaw. The aim of the competition, organized by Gas Storage Poland and SARP, was to select the best concepts in terms of functionality and space - taking into account the context of the site and the development of the space. The jury paid special attention to the economic aspect of the proposed projects - not only the construction process, but also the low cost of use in the future, as well as the positive impact of the building on people and the environment.

Project evaluation criteria

The competition entries were evaluated according to four main criteria.

Attractiveness of the proposed architectural solutions and spatial relationship with the surroundings.
Functional-utilityand spatial solutions of the building.
Reality and economics of the adopted solutions, especially in the context of the cost of use including innovative, pro-ecological and energy-saving solutions.
The economics of the solutions in the context of the implementation of the building and related implementation costs.

First prize

The first prize in the amount of 50 thousand PLN and the prize in the form of an invitation to negotiate in the mode without an announcement for the detailed development of the competition work was awarded to Piotr Bujnowski. The composition of the author's team: Piotr Bujnowski, Julian Kleinrok, Katarzyna Magdzik, Krzysztof Makowski. Author cooperation: Martyna Rowicka, Monika Rygier, Maciej Osuch, Ewa Grządka, Karina Jędrak, Maciej Koczocik. Visualizations 1: arch. Piotr Banak. Visualizations 2: The Digital Bunch.

The designs relate to their surroundings by adapting the buildings to the currently highest construction technical standards. Thus, they follow the path set by the developers of industrial buildings. The concept involves the use of natural and renewable building materials in the spirit of the philosophy of sustainable development. The architects propose the creation of two separate glass cuboids on a common ground-floor base. By using a sloped outer layer of the double façade to reflect the brighter sky during the day, the buildings will "melt" into the surrounding landscape. At the same time, the facade will dissipate excess heat during the summer and collect it during the winter. The choice of glulam construction will reduce the carbon footprint of the investment.

I miejsce - Piotr Bujnowski

First place - project by Piotr Bujnowski

© Piotr Bujnowski

2nd prize

The second prize of PLN 30,000 and an award in the form of an invitation to negotiate without an announcement for the detailed development of the competition work went to JSK Architekci studio. The composition of the author's team: Mariusz Rutz, Zbigniew Pszczulny, Marcin Bieńka, Jakub Podgórski, Radosław Szafran, Jacek Abramowski, Mikołaj Kącki.

The jury awarded the project for its appropriate location in the space, which provides light to the office parts of the building. The architects created a distinctive facade - with a pergola on the first floor level and "green windows" piercing its plane. The jury also recognized the work for the thoughtful shaping of the space between the buildings - for the square created between them, surrounded by retail andservice establishments. Recognition was also given to the simple functional layout and internal communication of the building.

II miejsce - JSK Architekci

Second place - JSK Architekci project

© JSK Architekci

III award

The third prize of 20 thousand PLN was awarded to CDF Architekci office. The composition of the author's team: Karol Fiedor, Bartosz Małecki, Łukasz Ekwiński, Kinga Grzybowska.

The jury appreciated the work for its diverse, original body and rich detailing - above all, the interesting combination of various forms and materials won recognition. The concept is complemented by the use of gas lamps to illuminate the site.

 III miejsce - CDF Architekci

Third place - a project by CDF Architekci

© CDF Architekci


An honorable mention in the amount of PLN 10,000 was awarded to JEMS ARCHITEKCI studio. The composition of the author's team: JEMS Architects: Aleksander Gadomski, Marcin Giemza, Łukasz Krzesiak, Katarzyna Kuźmińska, Michał Madeja, Paweł Majkusiak, Maciej Rydz. Landscape architecture - SIP: Karolina Kłos, Agnieszka Wojciula. Sanitary installations - Happold Office: Jaroslaw Kujawa. Visualizations: Igor Brożyna.

The jury awarded the concept an honorable mention for its avant-garde approach to the application of the latest technological developments in the field of building installations, as well as in the shaping of office spaces. The proposed double façade introduces dynamics into uniform building masses. The project was also recognized for its use of water as an element in shaping the climate and protecting the facade.


Honorable mention - JEMS ARCHITEKCI project.


An honorable mention in the amount of PLN 10 thousand was awarded to the AMC-ANDZREJ M. CHOŁDZYÑSKI studio. The author of the project is Andrzej M. Choldzynski in cooperation with Grzegorz Szymanski. The composition of the design team: Joanna Arent-Trzmiel, Tomasz Bierezowski, Krzysztof Bochniak, Ewa Ihnatowicz, Artur Wieliczko, Berenika Chudziak, Krzysztof Wiórkiewicz.

The project won the jury's appreciation for the correct location of the building, so that the office space remained well lit. The court also appreciated the characteristic body reminiscent of stair treads.


Honorable mention - project AMC-ANDZREJ M. CHOŁDZYŃSKI


Competition Jury


Jerzy Grochulski - SARP Warsaw

Janusz Janik - SARP Kielce

Wojciech Kotecki - SARP Warsaw
Roman Dziedziejko - SARP Warsaw
Marian Ceklarz - GSP
Piotr Wojtasik - G SP
Janusz Markiewicz - GSP
Adam Lesinski - GSP
Witold Rogucki - GSP

The function of Secretary of the Competition Jury was performed by:

Rafał Mroczkowski - SARP Warsaw

Mariusz Kiełbasiński - G SP

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