II Prize — GIGA Architects

Results of the competition for the development of an architectural and construction concept for the Municipal House of Culture in Mikołów

Second Prize
40 thousand PLN gross

GIGA Architects

jury's opinion

The simple, distinctive trapezoidal brick body of the building, entirely accommodates a rich functional program. At the same time, it does not overwhelm in scale through skillful handling of the geometry of the oblique "intersections" of the volume: at the junction with the buildings around the Market Square and at the green passage going down towards the market. The designer - aware of the importance of the competition for the organizer in the search for optimal solutions - indicates in the description the possibility of variating the drawn version by potentially limiting the functional program (e.g., in the context of the object of extracurricular work with a similar function, which is just being built in the neighborhood).

The design properly connects the new and old parts of the community center, providing good connectivity of the 300-seat main auditorium. The size and good proportions of this hall will provide the city with solid facilities for a good cultural offer. The separation of the paths of spectators, actors and stage staff, and even VIPs has been thoughtfully resolved.

In terms of energy efficiency and ecology, many modern technological solutions have been provided, such as a GWC ground heat exchanger, heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, recuperation, rainwater recovery (gray water) and several others.

The competition court found extremely valuable the suggestion, shown on the drawing of the site development, of cubic closure of the adjacent quarter, which, after the implementation of the postulated demolitions, will be visually "opened up" to the amorphous structure of the back and courtyards. The opening, or rather complementing of the quarter structure from the side of the space, which will now be given a public and representative status, seems to be invaluable.

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