Second Prize in category II: urban backyard — Marcin Sztajerowski, Staam Architekt

Second Prize in category II: urban backyard

Second Prize in category II: urban backyard
PLN 10,000

Marcin Sztajerowski, Staam Architekt

jury opinion
Giving the courtyard of an urban development a unique recreational and social function dedicated to residents and socially active people.
An original and unprecedented in the structure of urban courtyards project of a two-level "professional" treadmill was proposed, dedicated primarily to local runners who can practice running recreation in the zone of their residence.
The treadmill skillfully takes advantage of the elongated shape of the courtyard, peculiar to Lodz's inner city, providing a running track of over 200 meters.
The sports landscape of the courtyard is complemented by greenery designed in the form of tree plantings and large areas of greenery on the gable walls of neighboring tenements.

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