Third Prize (ex aequo) — Group 5 Architects

Third Prize (ex aequo)

Third Prize (ex aequo)


Grupa 5 Architekci

Rafał Grzelewski, Krzysztof Puta, Tomasz Szponar, Dominika Leonowicz

Jerzy Lutomski, Design Office



Jury Opinion

The awarded project is an excellent example of creative revitalization of old city buildings. Post-industrial buildings were brought back to life, introducing new functions into them - cultural, gastronomic and office functions. Despite this diversity, the developers of the building managed to create a unified space, enriching the architectural fabric of the city.

The authors of the project used the beauty of simple materials, juxtaposing antique brick and weathering steel with wood, glass and raw concrete. Concrete was used in the building's structural elements, staircases, a representative foyer and in elements of small architecture perfectly integrated into the building's courtyard space. The concrete monolith used here is not only a solid structural element, but also serves as seating, a rain garden, stage and audience for the intimate amphitheater.

The bold, contrasting juxtaposition of various materials is a clash of tradition and modernity, reflecting the process of rebuilding Lodz's identity that has been taking place in recent years. The rich heritage of a multicultural and large-industrial city, and at the same time a city of fashion and high culture, undoubtedly deserves to be creatively continued. The Monopolis complex has all the necessary qualities for this. It is a venue for cultural events and the promotion of high design. It is and will certainly be an attractive and fashionable place in every sense of the word.

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