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Cook without limits with ALL-IN by FRANKE

22 of May '22

With the ALL-IN organizer, you'll cut and chop ingredients, dry fruits and vegetables, clean up your kitchen more easily, and even store food in the refrigerator. All this is possible thanks to modular sink accessories that you can use in many ways. ALL-IN's innovation has earned it the prestigious Red Dot 2022 award.

ALL-IN means more functions in a sink.

The daily ritual of cooking and even mundane cleaning or storing food thanks to clever, simple but thoughtful solutions goes to the next level. Swiss company Franke, a manufacturer of appliances and kitchen equipment, offers the ALL-IN organizer - a modular system that fits any sink up to 54 cm wide.

Organizer do zlewozmywaka ALL-IN

ALL-IN sink organizer - © FRANKE.

It is designed to save space in the kitchen and streamline basic tasks. Thus, it gives us more freedom of action. It expands the functions of the sink; but not only that, it also makes it easier to clean up after cooking and store food.

Choose the best ALL-IN set for you

Franke's ALL-IN is available in three versions: Standard, Plus and Premium, which differ in the number of accessories.

Do teleskopowej szyny posują akcesoria – wkładki ociekowe, pojemnik, deska do krojenia

The telescopic rail comes with accessories - drip inserts, container, cutting board


ALL-IN Standard version

Includes telescopic rail, bamboo cutting board and large dr ip insert protected by Sanitized technology to reduce the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Made of stainless steel, the telescopic rail is easy to adjust to the width of the sink. You can rest the drip pad on it and rinse vegetables or collect peelings and manage waste.

In turn, when cleaning, you can set washed glasses or glasses in the insert. The bamboo board placed on the rail, in turn, allows you to cut products without dirtying the kitchen countertop.

Wkładkę ociekową wykorzystamy jako durszlak

The drip insert can be used as a colander


ALL-IN Plus version

Includes a telescopic rail, a bamboo cutting board, a large drip insert and a heat-resistant silicone mat. Hot pots and pans can be placed on it. The corrugated surface of the mat also allows it to be used as a drainer.

Bambusowa deska do krojenia

Bamboo cutting board


ALL-IN Premium version

This is already 8 accessories, useful not only for preparing meals and cleaning, but also for storing food. In addition to the above-described items, there appear: a small container for storing food with Sanitized technology, a bamboo lid for the container corresponding aesthetically with the cutting board, a small drip tray and a container for storing all accessories. It will accommodate both the boxes, the folded silicone mat and the bamboo board.

Po skończonej pracy wszystkie akcesoria można schować do dużego pojemnika

When you're done, all the accessories can be stored in the large container


The accessories are kept in an elegant and neutral color scheme: gray and wood, so they will successfully fit into a variety of arrangements, from classic to modern. Made of durable materials and protected with special Sanitized technology, which eliminates microorganisms.

Learn more at the FRANKE website

For more information, visit the company's Franke Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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