Kabina narożna półokrągła KP4/PRIII

31 of December '20

Semicircular corner cabin KP4/PRIII

Wherever there is not enough space for a square or rectangular shower enclosure, a semi-circular cabin will be suitable. The Prestige series offers the KP4/PRIII design, based on a combined wing door with a fixed wall to form a corner semi-circular shower enclosure. The 6mm glass with Glass Protect surface modification and minimal detailing makes the product easy to clean. The full opening of the door provides a wide entrance to the cabin for full comfort. The door of the KP4/PRIII shower enclosure opens with rotating hinges. Adjustable wall profiles level the curvature of the walls. Two-point handles fixed horizontally can additionally act as a towel rail. Transparent gaskets, including those mounted on the lower edges of the door, and a chrome strip drain water from the glass surface inside and prevent splashing outside the cabin area. An additional advantage is that the cabin door can also be opened inward, which can increase the usable area of the bathroom during the day. Prestige is a contemporary design combined with high quality, guaranteeing a spacious interior.

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