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Latest technologies and solutions - DRE door collection

30 of December '20

DRE Sp. z o.o. is one of the leading door and doorframe manufacturers in Poland. It has been manufacturing doors for more than 15 years. It sells its products not only in Poland, but also in other European countries.

DRE Sp. z o.o. employs 850 people. It produces about 700,000 door leaves per year. Production takes place on an area of 70,000m2.

DRE Synchro © DRE

DRE Synchro


The production of DRE Sp. z o.o. doors is based on the latest technologies and solutions in the wood and metal industry. Materials used in production are mostly of domestic origin and meet the highest quality standards. When implementing new collections, DRE cooperates with architects, interior designers and independent designers to offer products that are in line with the latest interior design trends. The company cares about the highest quality of its products, working under the ISO 9001 system to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

It manufactures, among others, frame doors, panel doors, doors with a concealed frame, which are popular among architects, as well as technical or glass doors.

DRE also offers painted doors, as well as doors in gloss laminates with mirror effect and in matte laminates, which have been enhanced with an additional Anti Finger Print property that protects the laminate surface from fingerprints.

Selected brand collections:

DRE Print

An innovative technology that allows the use of digital printing during door manufacturing. It gives you the opportunity to print one of the many available designs on the leaf. Behind it are unlimited perspectives for interior designers and previously unknown possibilities for personalizing rooms. DRE PRINT allows you to realize the most daring designs that will emphasize the individual character of the interior.

DRE Print © DRE

DRE Print


DRE Print 's digital printing technology is an absolute novelty on the domestic market - previously no one in Poland had used this kind of solution in door production. What exactly is this design innovation based on? DRE specialists have developed a special method to print a door leaf. Such technology gives unlimited possibilities for the highest quality prints, combined with the hardening of the UV-printed coating and subsequent protection with high-gloss varnish. Thanks to this technique, the customer can enjoy extraordinary patterns displayed on the door, which resemble a small work of art.


A collection of panel doors covered with synchronous laminates that reproduce the structure of wood - with its grain and texture. This combination creates a perfect haptic and visual effect of natural wood. The leaves of the DRE - Synchro collection are available with black edging and black locks and hinges, which, combined with the black frame, creates a modern loft-style door set.


A well-known collection of invisible doors with the possibility of making a 240 cm high leaf. The surface of the leaf is prepared for painting or wallpapering. Thus, the door can be covered with paint or wallpaper in any color we choose. Sara Eco 2 will perfectly fit into any interior style.

Silia, Vetro D2, Nella and Ilis collections

Are finished with acrylic laminates and have polypropylene edging. This is a premium product of the DRE brand. These doors are scratch resistant and easy to clean. Doors in gloss laminates have a mirror effect, doors in matte laminates have been enhanced with an additional Anti Finger Print property, which protects the surface of the laminate from fingerprints and grease marks.

DRE Vetro D2 © DRE

DRE Vetro D2


DRE HighGloss

The doors in this collection are coated with a high-gloss lacquer, and the edge is finished with a matte black border. The sash and frame are equipped with color-matched hardware in the color of the sash edge. The frame in the HighGloss collection is made in the sash décor, lacquered in high gloss and manufactured with DRE-Forming technology or in a choice of black matte foil. The DRE-HighGloss collection is available in wenge and birch decors, as well as a modern etched metal pattern in the Uranus decor.

For more information, visit the company's DRE Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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