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Saphirkeramik® - ceramics in a revolutionary new formula from LAUFEN

04 of January '21

SaphirKeramik®, the material used in Laufen products, is a malleable and eco-friendly ceramic, an alternative to traditional ceramic products. It allows you to create interesting shapes without limiting the designer's imagination, giving you freedom in design.

© Laufen Polska

The new material SaphirKeramik® was launched in January 2013 and is the result of years of research. Thanks to its use, it has become possible to create ultra-thin, 4-5 mm walls and curves with a radius of 2-3 mm, while maintaining the traditional manufacturing process. The basins are more delicate, filigree and malleable, at the same time they do not lose their hardness and resistance. This is a type of ceramic that uses less raw materials and is lighter. Which translates into lower production and logistics costs, and the environment is exploited much less.

© Laufen Polska

Subsequent unveilings of SaphirKeramik® demonstrate its uniqueness not only through design, but also as the most hygienic, durable and recyclable material. SaphirKeramik® features greater bending strength, expanding its range of applications. In addition, the new ceramic allows for the production of larger models up to 120 cm.

© Laufen Polska

A surprising result of the new material is the resulting shapes and structures of the washbasins. Laufen already offers six collections, in which the washbasins are exceptional, unique, and each collection creates a different mood. From the minimalist geometric Living Square by Andreas Dimitriardis and KartellbyLaufen 's Ludovici and Roberto Palomba, to the original shapes of Toan Noygen's Ino and Konstantin Gricic's Val series, to Patricia Urquiola's Sonar or Marcel Wanders' romantic take on neoclassicism, The new classic.

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