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House with a gap - diagonal house of Goik Architect's design

04 of June '20

Agata Goik was faced with the task of designing a family home where its residents could enjoy common gatherings and, at the same time, one that would fit in with the surrounding landscape. To express these values, the architect decided to create a somewhat unusual block - the surprise here is the "gap" that appears between the buildings.

The architect from {tag:pracownie} created a simple design of the house, the interior of which corresponds to the exterior, and the characteristic form provides privacy for the residents. The building's surroundings are special - the plot faces southwest and is located on a green slope, which is terminated by a wall of forest. This layout inspired the designer to create view axes from every point of the house. She was keen to open up the block to the surrounding nature and to make it correspond with the landscape, while at the same time ensuring privacy for the residents.

Nowoczesny dom od Goik Architects - dom przy lesie
Dependingon the vantage point, the perception of the entire establishment is always different

© Goik Architects

house with forest view

The project consists of two structures - a residential building and an outbuilding. The first was shaped on the plan of two identical rectangles. Inside there was a representative and private part. By moving the outbuilding away from the main one, an intriguing "gap" was created, framing the view. Such an action was intended, among other things, to better illuminate the representative zone of the house, create more viewing axes, but most importantly to enclose the outbuilding from the street. Turning its segments in relation to each other resulted in the creation of a viewing terrace.

Roof windows were installed in the attic, which was not possible at first due to the traditional form of the gable roof. So the architect proposed a ridge on the diagonals of each segment of the building. The plot is located in close proximity to the road - in order to protect the householders from the discomfort that this proximity can cause, the designer created a natural boundary from the building blocks, which thus became a wall. The space of the house was left open only to the view of the forest.

Oryginalny dom projektu Goik Architects - dom jednorodzinny z tarasem

Turning the segments of the building in relation to each other resulted in a viewing terrace

© Goik Architects

simple finishing of the house

The house has two floors above ground and an underground pantry. The vertical building partitions are finished with white plaster, the horizontal elements together with the woodwork are of a dark contrasting color. The simplicity of the blocks is complemented by wooden elements of small architecture, which add to the familiarity of the whole project. From the front, the blocks may appear conservative and closed, while from the forest side they form a loose composition of pyramids emerging from the ground. Depending on the point of observation, the perception of the whole establishment is always different.

elaborated: Basia Hyjek

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