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Advantix Cleviva shower drain in attractive, fashionable colors

13 of December '21

With Advantix Cleviva shower drains, you can perfectly match the colors of your bathroom fixtures.

Viega has expanded its Advantix Cleviva shower drain range with four new color variants, in line with current interior trends. This innovative product is now available in brushed black, brushed gold, brushed champagne and brushed gold copper. This allows you to perfectly match the shade of the drain with other bathroom fixtures. What's more, we can combine different colors of the profile and removable grate within a single drain.

Advantix Cle viva is an innovative solution that combines the advantages of a linear drain and a point drain. On the one hand, you gain full design freedom when installing in large tiled shower areas. Such a drain can be placed practically anywhere - in the middle, on the side or against the wall itself. At the same time, Advantix Cleviva offers all the installation advantages typical of a traditional point drain. Here, water is drained through a narrow stainless steel profile with an almost imperceptible slope to a central point drain. Thanks to this solution, the installation and sealing process is easier and safer than with a regular linear drain.

Odpływ Advanix Cleviva – szczotkowany czarny

The stylish brushed black color is one of four new versions of the Advanix Cleviva drain. The high-quality profiles are made of stainless steel with PVD coating for long life.

© Viega

With the introduction of four new original colors, Viega is expanding the design possibilities of the Advantix Cleviva model. The high-quality stainless steel profiles with PVD coating continue bathroom trends that have long been evident in mixers, toilet actuating buttons, showerheads, as well as bathtubs and washbasins.

Creative arrangement of the shower area

The Advantix Cleviva shower drain is installed on the screed layer and is available in lengths: 800, 1000 or 1200 mm. The profiles can be shortened to a maximum of 300 mm, depending on the customer's needs. There is also the option of combining several drains together to create a striking long drain or to create a corner or U-shape. All that is needed is to install the appropriate number of point drains, draining the water.

Odpływ Advantix
Cleviva w czterech kolorach: czarny szczotkowany, złoty szczotkowany, szampański szczotkowany i złota miedź szczotkowana

The Advantix Cleviva drain is now available in four, new colors: brushed black, brushed gold, brushed champagne and brushed gold copper.

© Viega

The range includes two versions of the drain: a standard one with an installation height of 95 to 155 mm, and a model for renovation bathrooms with a height of 70 mm, ideal when floor space is tight. A special solution with an installation height of 25 mm that drains vertically is also available. The capacity of the Advantix Cleviva drain ranges from 0.4 l/s for the lowest height version, to 0.75 l/s for the standard version.

easy cleaning

The clever design of the Advantix Cleviva drain is also evident in the way it is cleaned, which is an important advantage for the end user. After taking a shower, simply wipe the drain profile to ensure hygiene and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. In addition, the cartridge can be removed with a handle to clean the strainer in the drain. The trap itself is designed in such a way that it cleans itself thanks to the dynamics of water.

Odpływ Advanix
Cleviva w szerokiej gamie kolorystycznej

A wide range of fashionable colors allows you to creatively arrange the shower area and harmoniously match the drain with other bathroom fixtures.

© Viega

See detailed information on the website.

For more information, visit the company 's VIEGA page on theAiB portal.

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