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Emilia Pleban on living with good energy

12 of September '23

Article taken from A&B 06|2023 issue

Housing with good energy

Solen Kabaty is a modern residential project that will be completed later this year. It is located in one of Warsaw's greenest neighborhoods, away from the hustle and bustle of the city on the one hand, and with quick access to the city on the other. What sets Solen Kabaty apart from other residential projects? This is an investment that uses a number of innovative technologies to minimize environmental impact.

The first innovation is photovoltaic panels covering most of the building's roof. The designed installation has a capacity of 40 kWp, and the energy generated by it will be used to power the common areas. We are talking about powering all the equipment necessary for the proper operation of the system, both sanitary and electrical (fans, circulating pumps, hydro sets, automation), but also covering the lighting needs of the common areas (using LED lighting). As a result, residents will benefit from electricity partially from renewable sources.

Another amenity built into the project is smart residential meters. These devices recalculate residents' carbon footprint in real time. This allows them to consciously manage their energy and influence the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The system provides remote reading of the meter status and enables the use of an online platform for energy management.
The project also uses a residential automation system. It enables remote control of lighting, heating and electricity in apartments. Thus, it allows greater freedom in terms of management and energy savings.

Solen Kabaty's investment is an excellent example of how innovative tools related to renewable energy can be used in residential projects. Photovoltaic panels on the roof of the buildings, smart meters and a residential automation system are solutions that minimize environmental impact while improving the quality of life for residents. This is a project that focuses on sustainability, energy conservation and the use of green power sources.

Emilia Pleban


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