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Exhibition "Cinema Warsaw and other objects that became ladybugs".

01 of September '20

This Sunday, September 6, we invite you to Bydgoszcz for an exhibition on Gdynia's most iconic cinema, prepared by the Museum of the City of Gdynia together with the Institute of Design in Kielce and the Pomorzanin Cinema.

The exhibition entitled. "Cinema Warsaw and Other Objects That Became Ladybugs" is not only a passionate story about the cinema remembered by generations of Gdynia residents. It is a story about the transformation of cinema buildings into commercial facilities, about cultural and social changes shown on the example of Gdynia's former representative cinema hall.

As the organizers write:

Last year marked the 30th anniversary of Poland's political transformation. The adoption of a free market economy and the rejection of the centrally managed state model entailed social, economic and economic changes. In the architectural form, as in a mirror, we can read today the needs, habits, hopes and aspirations that people lived by then. What does the architecture of these changes say about us as a society?

The exhibition will be presented at the Pomorzanin Cinema - a legendary cinema in Bydgoszcz, which did not share the fate of many others that were transformed into self-service stores. For the first time, the history of the two venues, which are linked by history - the cinemas witnessed historical events, will be extensively collated.


  • vernissage: September5 this year at 18:00
  • duration of the exhibition: September 6 to 16 this year.
  • place: Kino Pomorzanin, 10 Gdańska St., Bydgoszcz

More information is available here.

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