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A sculptured pavilion among the trees. Contemporary park gazebo from Kolorarchitektura

02 of September '20
Technical data
Name: Contemporary park gazebo
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Zabrze, Silesian Insurgents Forest Park.
Project: Kolorarchitektura
Design team: Bartosz Wolny, Ksawery Latoszek, Agata Wolna


  • design
  • implementation


A wooden, multifunctional pavilion with an open, sculpted body is being built on an asphalted patch of land next to the main walking avenue in Zabrze's Forest Park to serve strollers of all ages. The contemporary park gazebo designed by architects from the Kolorarchitektura studio will house, among other things, a food court, a small stage for concerts and restrooms.

The object, as the authors of the concept emphasize, both by its shape and the use of natural material, fits into the forest-park character of the place. The three main functions (bar, small stage and toilets) have been placed in separate, small blocks located at different distances. The whole is united by a canopy in the form of an irregular wooden ring. Thanks to this solution, the pavilion has an open, inviting form.

widok z lotu

bird's eye view

© Kolorarchitektura

Ola Kloc: What was the priority for the developer?

Bartosz Wolny (Kolorarchitektura): The investor's priority was to create an interesting place of recreation for people of all ages, to create a new quality in this space. Currently, the park, which is quite frequented by local residents, lacks this kind of function, and the existing, standard elements of park infrastructure discourage rather than encourage users. The investor's guideline was also the requirement that the facility must be made entirely of wood.

Surrounding the facility, the investor also plans to build an interactive park toy for children and a beach volleyball court (in subsequent stages of the project). The whole project appealed to the city authorities so much that the investor won the competition for the best Zabrze business plan in 2019.

ustawienie na działce trzech głównych funkcji w formie osobnych brył odanie drewnianego zadaszenia i wizualne wyznaczenie półpublicznej przestrzeni dla użytkowników miejsca

The whole is made up of three blocks corresponding to each function covered by a canopy that binds the whole together

© Kolorarchitektura

: What was the biggest challenge in the project?

Bartosz: Not counting the official problems, which we will continue to solve for some time, it was certainly a challenge to reconcile the commercial function inside the park in such a way as not to take away space from other park users, not to fence off. It was also important to fit the facility into the forest character of the place.

: What influenced the unusual shape of the block?

Bartosz: The shape of the solid is precisely due to the way the facility functions. It has a semi-open character, being inside, we sense that we are in a commercial facility, at the same time we are not closed to the rest of the park. The form itself, its "stubby shape," stems from the building's intuitive insertion into the park, which lacks defined orthogonal directions.

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w Parku Leśnym w Zabrzu


© Kolorarchitektura

developed by Ola Kloc

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