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The exhibition entitled. "The whole world is Bauhaus".

24 of February '20

Already on March 6 at 18.00 at 2 Foksal Street in Warsaw, an exhibition entitled. "The whole world is Bauhaus". Prepared by ifa - Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen in Stuttgart, the exhibition was previously presented at the Zentrum für Kunst und Medien in Karlsruhe.

The title of the exhibition - "The whole world is Bauhaus" - is a quote from Fritz Kuhr, a student and later Bauhaus lecturer. It refers to the blurring of the boundaries between art, craft and technology, which, according to the school's founder, Walter Gropius, was intended to be the goal of the design field and to influence everyone's social practices.

In just fourteen years of the school's existence (1919-1933), the Bauhaus became an acclaimed yet controversial symbol of modern design and avant-garde lifestyle. The authors of the exhibition, curated by Boris Friedewald, have divided the exhibition into eight chapters describing the school's years of activity. The "In the Air" chapter tells the story of the Bauhaus fascination with the motif of weightlessness, the dematerialization of architecture with glass and metal, and presents the "chair suspended in the air" project as an example of visionary thinking in the design process. The "Experiment" chapter sees objects that resulted from experiments with materials and space, exploring dimensions, proportions and the limits of material strength, as well as issues of prefabrication and serial production. The "Total Art" chapter presents a synthesis of all the arts, but also of art and science, as well as art and everyday life, while the "Community" chapter presents the most important objects of the era, documenting daily and social life at the Bauhaus. The material in the "New Man" chapter proves that the Bauhaus was not just a leftist utopia and shows the new faces of man, including those marked by political and worldview radicalism. The chapter "Art, Craft, Technique" presents the studios and the products they produced, and the chapter "Radical Pedagogy" takes a closer look at the structure of the university and the Bauhaus' innovative teaching program. The "Encounters" section explores cross-cultural themes - the Bauhaus promoted encounters between different cultures, holding lectures, inviting guests from all over the world, amassing extensive collections in the library, but also seeking new forms of expression.

"The whole world is Bauhaus".
6.03-9.04.2020 r.
SARP Exhibition Pavilion
2 Foksal Street, Warsaw

The exhibition is organized by the Goethe-Institutin Warsaw and the General Board of the Association of Polish Architects.

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