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Alicja Maculewicz and Emilia Dziagelewska on architectural competitions

24 of February '20

Alicja Maculewicz and Emilia Dzięgelewska from the University of Arts in Poznań talk about architectural competitions, what it's like to work on projects, whether it's necessary to win in every competition and whether it's worth participating at all.

Alicja Maculewicz

A second-year Master's student in Architecture at the University of Arts in Poznan. Over the past few years she has participated in more than twenty architectural competitions aimed at students, and her work has been exhibited at the 2019 Tallinn Architecture Biennale, among others. When working on projects, she values the long research process, working with a mock-up and sketching.

Emilia Dzięgelewska

A second-year Master of Architecture student at the University of Arts in Poznan.

My first years at UAP helped me enter the design world confidently enough to participate in numerous national and international architectural and urban design competitions. It also quickly became apparent that the best projects come from well-timed collaborations. Then comes the opportunity for hours of discussion, which usually results in the best solution. I also believe that increasingly unpopular methods of working, such as mock-ups and tracing paper sketching, offer the greatest opportunities.

scope of the podcast


How did your adventure with competitions begin?

What does your project work look like? Do you have a division of roles, do you always work together, do you do projects under the supervision of professors?

What was the most difficult competition?

What competition are you most satisfied with?

What can you learn from competing in contests? How has your approach to design changed? Have you become more recognizable?

Where to get information about competitions and how to prepare a good design?

See the projects mentioned in the podcast: Spring Pavilion, Genoa Student House.

From the podcast series on education.

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