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Vacations in Norway, or fishing cottages on the island of Fedje

31 of August '20

Fedje is a small island in the North Sea, north of Bergen, known for its fishing settlements. It was there that architect Michal Bekas of the boaa studio, in cooperation with Tysseland Arkitektur A.S., decided to create a design of holiday homes for tourists coming to Norway to fish.

An important consideration for the architects was the economy of form and simplicity of the buildings. The use of wooden spruce planks on the facades refers to the tradition of Norwegian construction. Meanwhile, the main design priority became maximizing the view of the surrounding ocean and picturesque islands. The result is a form of houses that interprets Norway's classic wooden architecture in a modern way.

Domy wakacyjne na

form of houses interprets classic Norwegian architecture

© boaa

houses above the surface of the water

The project includes a complex of four timber-frame houses placed directly on a rocky coastline with a beautiful view of the ocean. Hence, the buildings are raised on concrete piles and foundations above the rocks of the coast, preventing possible flooding during tides or storms. This procedure made it possible to place the buildings very close to the water, from where tourists have direct access to the boat, and can fish from their own terrace.

Elewacja frontowa

The facade of the houses on the water side is completely glazed

© boaa

Each of the four houses has an area of 82 square meters, and the buildings are divided into two floors. On the first floor there is a large living room connected to the kitchen and dining room with direct access to a large terrace, which has a barbecue built into the wall - where you can cook freshly caught fish. The second floor has a toilet and three bedrooms for a total of six people - all with breathtaking ocean views. The shape of the houses is dictated by the desire to open up the interior to the ocean view. The water-facing facade is fully glazed on both floors, allowing residents to enjoy the water view all day long - both from the upstairs bedrooms and while dining in the first floor dining room.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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