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Ideas for the City. UrbanLab seeks ideas for adapting to climate change in Gdynia

31 of August '20

Gdynia's UrbanLab has launched a call for applications for the second edition of its Idea for the City program, which seeks ideas for micro-innovations for climate change adaptation in the city. However, the initiative does not end with ideas alone - those with the greatest potential will be able to be implemented and disseminated.

Idea for the City is, as the organizers write, an innovative tool for participation and creation of real processes of social change in Gdynia, which collects urban initiatives worth testing and implementing. The next edition of the program seeks solutions aimed at mitigating and adapting to climate change. Solutions that promote residents' participation in activities, thus contributing to building a sense of empowerment in local communities.

Idea for the City is one of two innovation incubator tracks within UrbanLab Gdynia, inviting residents to participate in discussions about the city's development and initiate change. The goal of these activities is to broaden competencies and learn more about the needs of Gdynia's citizens and women, and to create even more effective tools for cooperation in the city.

We are looking for Ideas for the City that will respond to the challenges of adapting to climate change. Proposals may include, for example, urban greenery, building awareness among residents, or clean air measures. We encourage you to take a broad look at the topic and think about how you can involve Gdynia's citizens and women in this project. The ideas with the greatest potential, selected by an expert committee, will be tested and made available for dissemination," says Michal Guć, Vice Mayor of Gdynia for Innovation.

The total amount earmarked for testing ideas is PLN 90,000 At least three ideas with the highest potential will be targeted for testing, while the rest of the most promising ones, once developed, will be made available in an open catalog for other cities interested in potential implementation. It will be possible to use the ideas free of charge on condition that a report on testing and evaluation of the process is prepared.

Ideas can be submitted until October 19, 2020. Detailed information can be found here.

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