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Polyurethane flooring - effective protection of parking lots in residential developments

06 of March '23

Parking lots and garages are an integral part of new multifamily buildings. It is a feature in a residential development that places a high mechanical and chemical load on floor slabs. Very often parking spaces are located in the underground part of buildings, which creates additional challenges related to the presence of moisture due to groundwater, as well as water applied to the surface of parking slabs. In addition, on the intermediate floors of the parking garage, there is the possibility of normal cracking and scratching of the floor slab due to vehicle traffic.

Experts from Flowcrete, a leading manufacturer of resin flooring, discuss issues related to the selection of flooring solutions for parking lots and garages to ensure that concrete elements are effectively protected from the elements.

Browary Warszawskie, Apartamenty przy Warzelni, posadzka Deckshield

Warsaw Brewery, Apartamenty przy Warzelni, Deckshield flooring

© Flowcrete

In underground parking lots, the so-called "white bathtub" technology is often used in the construction of bottom slabs, which involves the incorporation of concrete with enhanced water resistance. However, in such a case, one should take into account the possibility of increased moisture content of the entire element in case of its constant contact with water. Resin flooring should be insensitive to this type of phenomenon. This is achieved by using specialized priming resins that cut off moisture both at the time of application and during subsequent use, such as Hydraseal DPM resin from Flowcrete's range.

On intermediate floors, an important factor to consider in the selection of floors is the possibility of cracks and scratches in the floor slab under the influence of vibration and vibration caused by vehicle traffic. The occurrence of cracks and scratches (max. width up to 0.3 mm) in concrete partitions in multi-family residential buildings is a natural phenomenon, provided for in the design. Therefore, leaving unprotected concrete in garages poses a risk of migration of contaminants, de-icing salts, operating fluids, etc. deep into the slab through cracks and, consequently, leads to corrosion of the reinforcement and weakening of the load-bearing capacity of the entire element.

miasteczko Nova Sfera, posadzka Deckshield

Nova Sfera town, Deckshield flooring

© Flowcrete

The optimal solution for parking lots and garages are resin floors made from flexible polyurethane resins with a high ability to bridge substrate cracks, such as Flowcrete's Deckshield system solutions dedicated to these areas.

Resin floors are used to protect the concrete substrate from external influences. Deckshield parking lot flooring systems, made on the basis of polyurethane resins and quartz sands, effectively fulfill this role. They are non-absorbent, waterproof and resistant to abrasion, and at the same time flexible, which translates into a high capacity to overcome cracks in the substrate.

It is worth distinguishing two groups of floors in particular:

  • Deckshield ID - designed to protect concrete substrates in underground garages, including bottom slabs and intermediate floors, and the Deckshield ID HD version - with increased roughness, used on internal exit ramps. These floors cover cracks in class A2, i.e. in the range of 0.25÷0.5 mm (test at -20ºC conducted in accordance with PN-EN 1062-7).
  • Deckshield ED - used on the exterior levels of parking lots and in the Deckshield ED HD version - on uncovered exit ramps. These systems include an additional layer of super elastic membrane, which increases the tightness and flexibility of the system, which translates into the ability to cross scratches in the A3 class, i.e. in the range of 0.5÷1.25 mm. These solutions provide effective protection of concrete elements against the effects of water and aggressive substances even in the case of above-normal cracking.
    Deckshield floors are mechanically durable and chemically resistant to substances found in parking lots and garages, such as, among others, fuels, battery acid and other car operating fluids, as well as chlorides from road salt residues found in slush brought in on tires and chassis. In addition, polyurethane resin coatings are easy to clean and maintain an attractive appearance for years. Their wide range of colors makes it possible to graphically mark parking spaces, roadways and pedestrian routes. Bright, glossy coatings optically enlarge and illuminate the interior of the garage, making it a showpiece of the investment, while also having a positive effect on the safety of traffic participants.

Rezydencja na Wzgórzu, posadzka Deckshield

Residence on the Hill, Deckshield flooring

© Flowcrete

In addition, flooring solutions from the Deckshield group reduce the squeal of vehicle tires. Systems designed for indoor applications are distinguished by their low VOC emissions, certified by Indoor Air Comfort® Gold, which is important for building air quality.

When designing parking lots and garages in multifamily residential developments, it is worth using the support of resin flooring experts, who, based on their knowledge and experience in such projects, will propose the optimal flooring solution, taking into account the adopted structural and technological assumptions.

For more information, visit the company's FLOWCRETE POLSKA Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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