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Fast and safe installation first and foremost - Prevista flush-mounted system: a concrete answer to the needs of installers

23 of August '22

Flush-mounted technology provides significant advantages when finishing new bathrooms or renovating them, allowing flexible arrangement of the available space. Thanks to well-thought-out solutions, developed together with installers, the Viega Prevista system definitely makes installation work easier and faster.

Products from the Prevista Dry and Prevista Pure lines allow you to optimally perform concealed installation in dry or wet installation. In addition, innovative design solutions guarantee fast and flawless installation. Viega's system also offers extensive possibilities for designing bathrooms with unusual layouts or in buildings with different wall structures.

Viega Prevista to system podtynkowy oparty na koncepcji modułowej.

Viega Prevista is a concealed system based on a modular concept. As a result, many of its components are identical for the various models in the Prevista Dry (dry installation) and Pure (wet installation) series.

© Viega

Modular concept

Similar to car manufacturing, the Prevista concealed system is based on a modular concept. This means that the basic components are identical in different frame models. This makes the installer's job turn out to be much easier: for example, when mounting on a wall or in a profile, the crossbars and wall mounting kits are always installed the same way. This also applies to individual settings, such as adjusting the mounting height of a toilet bowl, urinal or sink to the required level.

System Prevista

Prevista system - has been developed to streamline the installer's work. An example is the crossbars, which can be easily adjusted and fixed manually at a specific height.

© Viega

All Viega Prevista frames with a standard height of 1120 mm are equipped with an identical cistern. Regardless of the installation situation, the individual steps, such as connecting to the water supply, or setting the water flow choke or valve for full or small flush, are always the same. This not only makes installation work easier, but also prevents possible installation errors.

system Viega Prevista

Practical design solutions definitely make it easier to install the system. We can connect the Prevista cistern without using tools.

© Viega

A great advantage of the Prevista cistern is its compatibilitywith all new actuating buttons from the Visign series. This allows us to make the choice of the most suitable model for us, already after the installation is completed.

Yellow as a guiding color

Many of Prevista's installation steps will be done without any tools, including connecting the angle valve to the cistern or setting the water flow choke. All hand-mounted components are yellow in color, and their installation is very intuitive. They can be recognized at a glance, even in low-light conditions.

system Viega Prevista

No tools are required for the installation of the components in yellow. The photo shows the attachment of the Prevista Dry rack to the wall.

© Viega

Simple assembly steps

The individual work steps have been greatly simplified. Universal mounting feet can be installed just as easily on the raw floor as in the profile.

system Viega Prevista

The universal mounting feet are just as easy to install on the raw floor as in the profile

© Viega

Mounting the frame to the wall and adjusting the depth requires virtually no effort - functional solutions, such as the wall mounting kit, provide additional time savings.

Adjusting the height of water connections and drains for sinks and urinals was sometimes very cumbersome. The new quick-lock clamps revolutionize this step of the job, while providing the same good stability as when bolted on.

Economical solution

The numerous installation simplifications that distinguish the Prevista system are the result of close cooperation with professionals and their many years of construction experience. Viega's goal was to streamline all processes, from logistics to warehousing to the installation itself. This has resulted in a solution that is far more economical and practical than traditional concealed systems. The Prevista system is not only cost-effective from the investors' point of view, but also relieves the burden on contractors in case of a shortage of skilled workers.

Detailed information on the Prevista system is available at

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