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FOPA reactivation

20 of November '19

The long-announced Festival of Open Architectural Studios is underway, during which we meet in Krakow offices to look at the work of architects, sit at a big table and talk. On Monday we visited MoonStudio, tomorrow we open the doors of APA Czech-Dulinski-Wrobel and Wizja architectural office, and on Friday - Lewicki Łatak Design Office and Horizone Studio. In today's "Coffee Break" we remind you of the projects of each studio and, of course, invite you to the festival!


Cricoteka - a center for studying and documenting the work of Tadeusz Kantor combines museum and research functions. It was designed on a triangular plot right next to the Vistula boulevards so as to skillfully merge with the existing historic power plant. The project was developed in collaboration with the architectural firm WIZJA.

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Tadeusz Kantor Art Documentation Center CRICOTEKA, Krakow, proj.: IQ2 Consortium (nsMoonStudio, VISION).

© MoonStudio

APA Czech-Duliński-Wróbel

Leading up to the modern passenger terminal of Krakow's John Paul II airport, the block is distinguished by a glass structure resembling an inverted prism.

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MPL's T4 passenger terminal, Krakow-Balice, design: APA Czech-Dulinski-Wrobel

© Tim Pendlebury

WIZJA Biuro Architektoniczne

The façade of the Serenada gallery is inspired by Austrian fortifications preserved in Krakow. For the ornamental facade, the architects used one hundred and thirty-four thousand precast concrete elements resembling traditional brick.

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Serenda shopping center, Krakow, proj.: WIZJA, Studio Architektoniczne

© WIZJA Biuro Architektoniczne

Lewicki Łatak Design Office

This year's GRAND PRIX Laureate of the SARP Award of the Year competition, winner of the POLITYKA Architecture Award for 2018 - the building of the KS Cracovia 1906 Hall with Disabled Sports Center in Krakow is appreciated primarily for the skillful fitting of the building into the terrain and for the spatial sculpture of the massing.

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KS Cracovia 1906 hall with Disabled Sports Center, Krakow, proj.: Lewicki Łatak Design Office

© Bartosz Kutniowski

Horizone Studio

SILO is an eco-friendly residential neighborhood located on a post-industrial site in Jaworzno. It will be a model green housing development on the Scandinavian model. You can read more about the project in an interview with the architects in the November issue of A&B.

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SILO - ecological estate, Jaworzno, proj.: Horizone Studio

© Horizone Graphics

Which of the Krakow studios' projects is your favorite? You can find a detailed program of the Open Studios Festival HERE.
See you there!

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