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Furniture inspired by painting

Katarzyna Oczkowska
29 of January '21

Furniture from the TRN collection by Ms. Jurek, which, along with ceramic lamps, are characterized by calligraphic forms, expressive colors, the use of noble materials and handmade workmanship, are a design tribute to the work of Jan Tarasin.

Magda Jurek, artist, designer and founder of the Ms. Jurek brand, is herself a painter by education after the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Hence, she naturally uses painterly categories in design, i.e. composition, form, color.

Kolekcja TRN Pani

TRN Collection by Ms. Jurek

Photo: Maciej Miloch © Pani Jurek

For the TRN collection, she drew on the work of Tarasin, who painted pictures that depicted objects as series of signs and symbols. The artist, who is one of the classics of contemporary Polish painting, is considered a representative of the trend towards abstraction, but in his work he never definitively broke his ties with representational art. The designer conceptually reversed this process, turning ideograms into objects, and the resulting objects have a simple calligraphic form and interact with each other like a series of writing signs.

Lustra i lampy
z kolekcji TRN Pani Jurek

Mirrors and lamps from Ms. Jurek's TRN collection

Photo: Pion Studio © Ms. Jurek

thinking with an image

The TRN collection includes 5 models of tables, 3 sizes of mirrors and ceramic lamps, the elements of which can be juxtaposed in various compositions. All objects are handmade, so each one is naturally slightly different from its predecessor, gaining a unique, unrepeatable character. As Magda Jurek emphasizes:

Looking for a form for an object, just like arranging objects in space and looking for relations between them, is for me thinking with a picture. I am also a painter by training and thinking with images is my obsession. By the way, I think we all do it - when furnishing an apartment, setting a table - we more or less consciously create an infinite number of compositions, appealing to our inner sense of harmony, proportion and order.
Stoliki z kolekcji TRN Pani Jurek

Tables from the TRN collection by Pani Jurek

Photo: Pion Studio © Pani Jurek

furniture like blocks

The wooden furniture was created in cooperation with Square Drop, an art furniture studio dedicated to the conservation and restoration of antique furniture, led by Agnieszka Sniadewicz-Swica. Their hand-finishing and the use of traditional furniture-making techniques ensure high quality workmanship.

Lampy z kolekcji
TRN Pani Jurek

Lamps from Ms. Jurek's TRN collection

Photo: Maciej Miloch © Pani Jurek

The tables and mirrors are made of selected ash wood, stained and protected with natural wax, while the ceramic lamps, hand-glazed and finished with brass elements.The collection was created for public and commercial interiors, where objects can be put together in space as a kind of modules or blocks - adding or subtracting individual elements, or completely changing their positioning. However, very attractive solids with a sculptural character will also make an interesting independent accent in private interiors.

Lampy z kolekcji
TRN i obiekty z wystawy Pani Jurek

Lamps from the TRN collection and objects from Ms. Jurek's exhibition

Photo: Pion Studio © Pani Jurek

shapes "seen" by touch

What preceded the TRN collection was an object realized for the exhibition, the starting point of which was a description of the process of seeing by blind people. In this work, the designer tried to map the shapes of things perceived and felt by touch, which solidified her need to design a collection based on a sign that transforms in space. To highlight this conceptual continuity, the complexity of the inspiration and the processual nature, this work was included in the photo shoot of the TRN collection.

Katarzyna Oczkowska

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