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Gdansk Montownia has opened!

05 of April '23

It's been a year since we spoke with Lukasz and Joanna Rayss about how the Montownia is to be adapted. Officially, on April 1, this new place in Gdansk opened. What does the facility look like inside?

At its inception, the Assembly Plant building primarily served the armaments industry (in the 1930s) and the Schichau Shipyard, which was in operation at the time. Inside, many restored elements have been preserved - for example, the cobblestone pavement with historic railroad tracks.

design does not end when the documentation is developed and handed over. The design is created until the very end of the project and is subject to multiple changes, which are a response to the successively discovered secrets of the object," Lukasz Rayss said for the Architektura&Biznes portal.

w przestrzeni znajdziemy pozostałości po dawnym przeznaczeniu

In the space you will find remnants of its former purpose

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complex "slightly moved"

The interiors of the Montownia are primarily a combination of industrial style and modernity. During the design work, the original gallery layout was preserved. Inside you'll find "Shoal of Creatures," an art installation by Tomasz Krupinski - consisting of seventeen giant striking light objects that reach nine meters in length. There are 114 lofts in the Montownia, which are to serve as hotels - complementing the residential development in this part of the city.

w budynku starano się zachować galeryjny charakter

In the building, an effort was made to preserve the gallery character

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I am very proud that we managed to use the huge architectural potential of this building, that we did not "spoil" it, making Montownia very authentic. In its case, less is more - we tried not to interfere too much, and through modern arrangement and art we created an exceptionally beautiful place on the map of Gdansk and Poland, which I am convinced will be visited often," says Magdalena Reńska, managing director and board member at Euro Styl.

jedna z rzeźb Tomasza Krupińskiego

One of Tomasz Krupinski's sculptures

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betting on post-industrialization

The use of assembly plants shows one of the possible paths, both for architects and investors - it is not necessary today to level post-industrial complexes to make them interesting and at the same time financially efficient.

We remind you of the interview with Lukasz and Joanna Rayss - Modernity in the Assembly Hall - a project by Rayss Group.

jeden z loftów

inside you will find 114 lofts

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