Guardian Sun®: a new range of high-quality glasses for even greater year-round comfort for home users

20 of February '23

Guardian Glass has introduced Guardian Sun®, a new range of high-quality glass for users who expect even greater comfort in their homes all year round.

The Guardian Sun® product portfolio includes a variety of glass types that can be selected to suit all climate zones found in Europe. These products are characterized by different sunlight transmittance coefficients, in order to meet the specific requirements of homeowners.

New glass, better living comfort

GuardianSun® is an ideal product for large glazed areas and windows with significant exposure to the sun's rays. It helps prevent rooms from overheating in the summer while retaining heat in the winter, thus increasing comfort and allowing homeowners to enjoy a natural and clear view and a broad perspective all days of the year. In terms of energy consumption, this glass can help reduce the need to air condition rooms in summer and heat them in winter.

Susana Gago, Sector Marketing Manager Residential Europe at Guardian Glass explains:

Guardian Sun® is more than just a new range of products. It is also a comprehensive solution for homeowners who have very specific requirements for their new windows. Part of this solution is the Glass Customizer configurator available on the Guardian Glass website. Using it, after answering a few simple questions about expectations, homeowners receive a recommendation on the most suitable product. This can prove helpful before making a purchase decision. Also soon to be launched is a locator of Guardian cooperating businesses called Window Dealer Locator, which will enable customers to find the nearest dealership offering Guardian glass windows.

Training and support for window professionals

What's more, a comprehensive service support package is provided for professionals. This includes technical support for acoustic calculations and glass parameter selection, glazing visualization tools, as well as promotional materials in the form of brochures and videos.

Window professionals can also take advantage of a digital e-learning platform called Guardian Glass Training Center. This tool offers a variety of interactive training solutions and resources on glass and its applications, videos, accredited modules, webinars and a system for booking classroom sessions. The tool is available around the clock, so you can use it at your most convenient time. Dedicated training modules for glazing professionals will be made available soon.

Guardian Sun® glass is available in annealed versions and in various sizes up to jumbo (6,000×3,210 mm). All products in the range can be used in double and triple glazed units. They offer a high level of visible light transmission, thermal insulation and protection against excessive solar penetration. What's more, Guardian Sun® products can be coated, further enhancing their security and/or soundproofing.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the A&B portal.

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