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Wooden cottage with a view of the Slovak Tatra Mountains. HONAY HOUSE in Dursztyn

25 of May '22
Technical data
Location: Poland, Dursztyn
Studio: studio JANG
Design team: Filip Galuszka, Joanna O'Neill
Construction: Andrew Króżel carpentry
Installations: Piotr Rabiański
Foundations: Szymon Malinowski
Photographs: Karolina Krasińska
Usable area: 55 m²
Cubic capacity: 180 m³
Implementation: 2022

In Dursztyn, a village not far from Nowy Targ, a prefabricated house by the Polish-Chinese studio JANG has been erected on the very top of Honaj Hill. Wooden and eco-friendly, HONAY HOUSE takes advantage of the area's assets, allowing visitors to relax surrounded by nature and the panorama of the Slovak Tatra Mountains.

For architects Filip Galuszka and Joanna O'Neill, who are also investors in the building, the location and its advantages were of exceptional importance - the house is intended for short-term rental. From the Honaj hill there is a view of the Pieniny Spiskie, the Tatra Mountains panorama, and the absence of any buildings in the front and the southern exposure are additional advantages of the plot.

Prefabrykowany domek powstał w Dursztynie

HONAY HOUSE is located in Dursztyn

Photo: Karolina Krasińska © studio JANG

prefabricated wooden house

From the very beginning, we set ourselves the goal of building an ecological, mountain prefabricated building that would stand up to the sometimes extreme weather conditions. We decided that we wanted to blend it into the landscape, to give the structure a bit of lightness, transparency, to let the wooden facade and roof live their own lives, so that the house would be noticeable, but not dominant in this unique environment," says Filip Galuszka.

Domek posadowiony jest na palach

HONAY HOUSE was made from prefabricated elements

Photo: Karolina Krasinska © studio JANG

After analyzing the systems available on the market for wooden prefabricated houses, the architects decided on the Steico brand structural system. According to the designers, the chosen system is characterized by high structural stability, very good insulation in winter and a cooling effect during the hot summer.

Model domku

The bungalow consists of a living area located on the first floor and a bedroom and work space on the mezzanine floor

© JANG studio

The structure was complemented by insulation made of wood wool, sheathing made of eco-friendly MFP panels and cladding made ofcomposite spruce panels. The tightness of the woodwork was ensured by three-layer wooden windows.

Domek powstał na miejscu w kilka dni

The house was erected in a few days

photo: Karolina Krasińska © studio JANG

completion in a few days

HONAY HOUSE consists of fourteen walls, three ceiling modules and twelve roof panels. All these elements were realized in a local workshop, and then assembled on site in just a few days using a small crane. The roof was covered with traditional shingles, and its walls are decorated with openwork spruce laths.

Salon z kuchnią znajduje się na parterze

The interiors are finished with wood, and a yellow closet at the entrance adds an accent

Photo: Karolina Krasińska © studio JANG

The usable area of the bungalow is fifty-five square meters, despite this, all the most necessary functions fit there. The first floor is a living room with a kitchenette placed in the corner and a separate bathroom, while on the mezzanine floor the designers placed a bedroom with a double bed and a cozy work space.

Z tarasu widać panoramę Tatr

From the terrace one can see the panorama of the Tatra Mountains

photo: Karolina Krasińska © studio JANG

The architects are planning further development of the project.

For us, HONAY HOUSE is a prototype prefabricated system that can find applications for mountain residential cabins, small hotels or single-family houses, Filip Galuszka adds.

elaborated: Dobrawa Bies

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