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Horizone Graphics prints #snuggledlamedics

20 of April '20

Until two months ago, masks cost 5 PLN at the drugstore for a large packet. Today that much (or more) is the cost of one piece. A similar situation exists with medical visors, most often associated with dentists. Both masks and plastic visors are in short supply in Polish hospitals. Architects and designers with 3D printers in their offices have decided to help.

Tailoring companies are sewing masks, architects and designers are 3D printing visors. Some time ago we wrote about the initiative of the MJZ studio. Horizone Graphics studio, which makes visualizations, builds architectural mock-ups and Virtual Reality models, also followed in their footsteps. They have joined the #crewedlamedics campaign and, in cooperation with the Cracow University of Technology, support hospitals by printing parts for protective visors for hospital employees. Thanks to such initiatives, doctors can do their jobs. They don't need the ingenuity of the people in the photo above or the residents of New York, who are very creative when it comes to creating protective systems.

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