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Lublin invests in meadows

20 of April '20

Planting meadows has become a popular practice in many Polish cities. It is a highly ecological solution - a flower garden does not require regular mowing, and thus the associated costs. In addition, meadows maintain adequate moisture - a very good solution these days. Lublin has joined the glorious group of "meadow farmers".

The city has decided to plant about 24,000 square meters of field flowers and sunflowers. Such meadows bring the cities themselves benefits, they can only irritate the eye of fans of French gardens. For city dwellers, the sight of poppies, cornflowers and milkweed by the side of a two-lane road is so far rare, and how pleasing to the eye - it can bring to mind summer in the countryside.

Colorful flowers not only add variety to the urbanized landscape. They give food to insects - when you stop at such a place around you can hear buzzing and buzzing. This is a very good sign and another positive initiative next to insect hotels, protecting bees, bee-eaters and butterflies. By planting meadows, the costs of maintaining urban greenery are significantly reduced. Typical lawns need to be mowed, watered and replenished. Today this is a big problem due to the lack of snowy winters. Groundwater in Poland has a very low level, so despite the burst of greenery outside the window, many trees and shrubs have fallen fresh leaves. Meadows maintain the proper water management they need to survive.

Such flower gardens will be created in Lublin in Głęboka Street, Unia Lubelska Avenue, Nałęczowska Street, by the Zemborzycki Reservoir, at the Mokrski traffic circle, in Bernardyńska Street, at the bus terminus in Wojciechowska Street and in the "Rury" ravine. In total, they will cover an area of 8863 m². In addition, extensive grasslands with herbs and flowers will be created within the city's road lanes, covering an area of 14,388 m². In addition, the city will plant fields of sunflowers in the dividing strip of John Paul II Street and at the traffic circle named after the 100thanniversary of the Catholic University of Lublin.

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