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Adjacent to the Jizera Mountains - Elements Hotel & Spa designed by Q2Studio

24 of March '20

Swieradow-Zdroj is not only a charming town with access to ski and bicycle trails, but also a spa located in beautiful surroundings. Thanks to its healing mineral water, radon water and rich deposits of therapeutic mud, as well as its proximity to the Jizera Mountains, the Lower Silesian town is eagerly visited by tourists and patients.

When creating Elements Hotel & Spa, the {tag:Studio} studio was keen to fit the project into the surrounding landscape and the existing architecture. Not far from the building is a ski resort, bicycle roads and hiking trails. For the architects, such a location proved to be quite a challenge. They had to take into account not only the varying altitude of the terrain, but also the historic buildings of the village.

The hotel will feature nearly 300 rooms and suites of four-star standard. The designers wanted to provide users with a modern and comfortable facility - a swimming pool complex, saunas and spa rooms were created for this purpose. The beauty of the surrounding nature will be enjoyed from the restaurant's south-facing terrace.

Elements Hotel in Swieradow-Zdroj

© Q2Studio

The lump of the hotel is reminiscent of mountain ridges, which harmonizes with the landscape. The building consists of three star-like segments, which are connected by a common core. Their height has been adjusted to the ground level. The segments form 120-degree angles between them, so that from almost every room or suite you can admire not only the panorama of the mountains, but also the city below.

The hotel's facade is designed to refer to traditional elements of the region's architecture - bay windows, loggias, galleries, or half-timbered construction. The wooden bays give the building an impression of spaciousness, the effect is enhanced by the light playing between them. They refer, both in structure and material, to the canopy of the hotel's entrance. The dark color of the openwork beams contrasts not only with the glazing, but also with the wooden fillings of the window recesses and balconies, and brings out the boarded gables.

Elements Hotel & Spa is a project made of natural materials, where tradition meets modernity, creating an original whole.

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