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A complex of hotel pavilions in Wisla designed by Franta Group

Dobrawa Bies
22 of June '21
Technical data
Name: Vistula Hotel
Investor: Antrans
Location: , Wisła
Architect: Maciej Franta
Author cooperation: Magdalena Orzeł-Rurańska, Anita Majowska, Michał Pietrucha, Damian Ludwig
Visualizations: Unique Vision Studio
Area: 19130,99 m²
Apartment area: 28 to 40 m²


  • project
  • implementation


Architectural firm Franta Group will design a new hotel in Wisla. The complex of five pavilions clad in wood won the investor competition organized by Antrans of Olkusz. The architects will also be responsible for the interior design of the entire establishment.

Nowy zespół hotelowy
w Wiśle

The hotel complex will be built at the intersection of Wyzwolenia and Zielona Streets

© Franta Group

A new hotel complex in Wisla will be built at the intersection of Wyzwolenia and Zielona streets, in the southeastern part of the city. The entire complex will consist of five buildings with an area of more than 19,000 square meters. Architects from the Franta Group studio wanted to find a unique form for the proposed establishment, and thus depart from the current way of designing contemporary hotels in the Silesian Beskid.

Hotel w Wiśle,
rzut parteru

The entire complex will consist of five buildings with four underground and five above-ground floors

© Franta Group

sustainable architecture

The goal of the project was to fit the building into the landscape in such a way that, while fulfilling the extensive program, it would not dominate the context of the site and the beauty of the surrounding landscape with its overscaling.

For this reason, we decided to move away from the form of a concentrated building in one strong mass in favor of a balanced architecture of a complex of hotel pavilions broken into modules," explains Maciej Franta.

Hotel w Wiśle to
pięć obiektów

The architecture of the pavilions is a contemporary synthesis of wooden volumes

© Franta Group

As the architect says, the main inspiration for the formation of the complex was a reference to wooden huts standing freely in a mountain glade.

Therefore, we proposed the architecture of the pavilions as a contemporary synthesis of the cubature of wooden regional architecture characterized by slants, wood and proportion, and linking it functionally with an underground storey covered with a green roof in the form of a multifunctional meadow," adds Maciej Franta.

Rzut kondygnacji
wejściowej, Hotel w Wiśle

The entrance storey is located underground and covered with a green roof

© Franta Group

five pavilions

The program includes the development of five hotel pavilions. The individual blocks will have five above-ground floors and four underground floors, where such functions as a swimming pool with a spa zone, parking, and technical rooms will be located.

Strefa spa hotelu
w Wiśle

One of the underground floors will contain, among other things, a swimming pool and spa zone

© Franta Group

A sunken entrance store y will contain the most important public spaces - cafes, a restaurant, bar, stores, ski equipment rental and children's play space.

Hotel w Wiśle,

The architects will also design all interiors

© Franta Group

Above, there will be 200 apartments ranging from 28 to 40 square meters, each with a viewing terrace. The entire complex is planned at a premium standard superior to all previous developments in the Silesian Beskid. The completion date has not yet been announced.

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