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House in the Forest by Ktura Architects project

25 of February '20
Technical data
Name: House in the Forest
Investor: private
Location: , Poznan area.
Project: , Katarzyna Buczkowska-Grobecka


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245 m²

Architects from the Ktura studio in Poznań designed a modern single-family house with a traditional twist. The inspiration for its shape and functional layout was the immediate vicinity of a picturesque forest.

The body of the house near the forest in a village near Poznań was divided into two parts - a higher (and narrower) and a lower (and wider) one. They are connected by a line, which is the axis of the house, running from the main entrance through the dining room, terrace to the garden open to the forest.

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vision: VIZprofi Studio © Ktura Architekci

The parts forming the body of the house are classic single-family houses planned on a rectangular plan, covered with a gabled roof and united by a wide connector. The lower one houses a garage and a living room, while in the higher, two-story one the architects have planned: a kitchen, rooms and a bathroom on the first floor and bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor.



© Ktura Architekci

Katarzyna Buczkowska-Grobecka of Ktura Architekci talks about what was the most important for the investors and the most difficult in the project.

Ola Kloc: What was the priority for investors?

Katarzyna Buczkowska-Grobecka: A strongly specified functional layout with a division into ground and first floor, and a modern body of the house with a fragment of a flat roof.

: What was the biggest challenge in this project?

Catherine: Definitely the conditions of the local plan when orienting the plot in relation to the world sides. First of all, the restrictive building line and the ridge perpendicular to the street.

: What influenced the decision to leave the brick façade of the house?

Catherine: The brick elevation was the Investors' wish from the beginning. The cladding was designed with clinker façade tiles.


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