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Park of Culture "Mill" in Ciechanow designed by Agata Parzentna and Michal Kucharski

25 of February '20

At the end of last year, the Ciechanow City Hall announced a competition for the design of the Culture Park, which included the revitalization of the former mill building. The winning design was created by two architects - Agata Parzentna and Michal Kucharski - presenting a three-part building.

Until now, the mill had stood forgotten with gaping holes in the windows and a deteriorating facade, increasingly sinking into itself. Fortunately, the city decided to save the building, which dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and is located on the route of the Mazovian Dukes' Castle and City Hall.

In close proximity to
Castle of the Mazovian Princes

The mill offers a beautiful view of one of Ciechanow's most interesting monuments. The Castle of the Mazovian Dukes serves today as a museum. Together with the Park of Culture "Mill" will become an extensive cultural center - the project of the "Mill" includes the creation of infrastructure that will allow the organization of a wide variety of cultural events.

Among other things, the facility will include a large multi-purpose room prepared for artistic events, conferences and business meetings. Two floors of the room will make it possible to divide it according to needs. The Cultural Park "Mill" will also include offices, social rooms, for startups, a make-up room and a summer bar. The project will be crowned by a two-story restaurant and a vast terrace, from which it will be possible to admire the Castle of the Mazovian Dukes at will. The architects have not forgotten about the needs of the disabled - each floor will be properly adapted, and an elevator will be installed in the historic part of the mill.



© Michal Kucharski & Agata Parzentna

The project by Agata Parzentna and Michał Kucharski envisages a full restoration not only of the mill itself, but also of the surrounding infrastructure - a green recreation zone is to be created between the Park and the Mazovian Dukes' Castle for the full use of the residents. Not only will there be benches, deck chairs and a play space for children, but trees will also be planted for a fruit orchard.

The architects decided to preserve the original character of the former "grain house", but at the same time give it a modern touch. Hence the careful selection of materials - in addition to brick there will be glass, wood, concrete and steel. The new part of the park body on one side is to be clad with wooden shutters. With this idea, the designers are referring to the now defunct simple wooden building that stood on this very spot in the early 20th century.

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