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Tradition and simple solutions. Single-storey house in Lower Silesia

17 of November '20
Technical data
Name: House in Pear Tree
Investor: private
Location: Poland, municipality of Milicz
Studio: Major Architekci
Architect and co-authors: Marcin Major, Anna Major, Alicja Miasik, Wojciech Cebula, Jakub Dobras


  • design
  • implementation


Usable area:

165,8 m²

Autumn has already arrived in full force, but we're reminiscing about warm days with a look at a restful single-family house by the Major Architekci studio. The single-storey structure, which refers to rural buildings, is located near Milicz in Lower Silesia.

The recreational single-storyhouse stood in Lower Silesia in a village with the charming name of Gruszeczka. The rural character of the surroundings and landscape determined the shape, materials and form of the building. The architects proposed the archetypal shape of the building - a barn with a gabled roof in a rural character. Keeping in mind the purity of the premise, they designed a single volume, which, due to its length, was divided functionally and materially into two separate buildings.

Dom w Gruszeczce

Part of the house was plastered in white, while the other was covered with wooden cladding

Photo: Maciej Lulko © Major Architekci

traditional house

The characteristic transverse positioning of the house was intended to create two independent outdoor zones - a semi-public one on the entrance side and a private one. One part of the house was plastered in white, the facade of the other is covered with a carpet of wooden planks, with an open, covered terrace in between. Urban planning is also reflected in the elevations - the front modest in character with the surrounding buildings, the rear fully open to the plot.

Strefa rekreacyjna,
zadaszony taras

The house divides the space in a "gate passage"

Photo: Maciej Lulko © Major Architects

The terrace on the east side is an extension of the linearity of the building. Everything is tied together by the recreational zone in the "gate passage" corresponding to the object thanks to the glazed g able of the residential part. In this part, the architects also designed a covered outdoor rest area.

Widok domu z lotu

The gabled roof is covered with ceramic tiles and wooden boards

Photo: Maciej Lulko © Major Architects

three functions under one roof

The house, thanks to the division, gained three independent functions - living, household and leisure. The utility and terrace functions have been combined through the use of a single material - wood, creating a coherent body that gives the impression of an extension, reminiscent of a homestead development.

Rzut domu
w Gruszeczce

The one-story house is divided into three functions

© Major Architects

Thanks to the layout of the rooms, the building is fully accessible to people with disabilities. The single-story house was designed using traditional technology and finished with natural materials that can be found in a classic country house. The walls of the building were erected from reinforced concrete, and the roof was covered with ceramic tiles and wooden boards. The result is a building with a homogeneous, compact body that is modern, yet reminiscent of a traditional country house.

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