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What will the forest park in Gdynia Oksywie look like? Competition results

29 of December '20

At the end of December this year we learned the results of a competition to develop an architectural and urban design concept for a pedestrian connection between Upper and Lower Oksywie and the development of a forest park in Gdynia. Among the submitted works, the jury awarded two projects.

The subject of the competition announced by the Laboratory of Social Innovation within the framework of the project "Gdynia odNowa: Revitalization of Oksywie district" was to develop an architectural and urban design concept divided into two parts, resulting from the phasing of the project, for: implementation part A - pedestrian connection (pedestrian route) with an approximate length of 350 meters between ul. Sailors and the planned Nowa Zielona Street, together with the entrances, with the determination of the boundaries of the area necessary for its implementation, and the ideational part B - a forest park with an area of approximately 18 hectares in the area between Bosmanska Street and Śmidowicza Street.

Pierwsza nagroda,
projekt Pracownia Projektowa Kaja Pobereżny

1st place, proj.: Pracownia Projektowa Kaja Pobereżny - Agnieszka Mrozek, Paweł Mrozek, Bogna Olejarz,
Kaja Pobereżny, Michał Podgórczyk

© Kaja Pobereżny Design Studio

The purpose of the task was to select the concept presenting the best urban and architectural solutions for the pedestrian route (implementation part) and the forest park (ideological part) in terms of: environmental, functional-utility, social, economic rationality of execution and maintenance, which will form the basis for the development of design documentation for the implementation part of the competition.

From among the submissions, the Competition Jury, consisting of Bianka Witkowska (chairwoman, head of the Design Solutions Section of the LIS Investment Department, architect), Tadeusz Schenk (Head of the City Gardener's Department, forester), Barbara Marchwicka (President's Plenipotentiary for Public Spaces, urban planner), decided to award two prizes.

First place

The competition was won by Pracownia Projektowa Kaja Pobereżny with a design team composed of Agnieszka Mrozek, Paweł Mrozek, Bogna Olejarz, Kaja Pobereżny, Michał Podgórczyk.

 I miejsce,
proj.: Pracownia Projektowa Kaja Pobereżny, park w ciągu dnia

First place, proj.: Pracownia Projektowa Kaja Pobereżny - Agnieszka Mrozek, Paweł Mrozek, Bogna Olejarz,
Kaja Pobereżny, Michał Podgórczyk

© Kaja Pobereżny Design Studio

As we read in the justification of the Competition Jury:

The work received very high marks for its slight interference in the natural environment of the forest, respect for the fauna and flora, and thoughtfulness about rainwater management. The proposed material solutions are in keeping with the natural character of the place, the existing paths are preserved, the natural qualities of the terrain are used (viewpoints, height differences of the terrain, flattening, etc.). Elements of small architecture for recreation and physical activity have been introduced, but with respect for the forest as a place of animal life, where man should only be a guest. Controversy has been aroused by the orange steel construction of the lighting system for the main tract - the "shortcut path". The lighting is a very strong industrial accent, a clear reference to the context of the shipyard neighborhood, and probably an unintentional, but interesting reference to the color scheme of the Śmidowicza 49 Marina - an important point on the neighborhood map. The proposed form allows to precisely illuminate the main path without causing excessive light pollution in the forest. "Shortcut path", the shortest route of passage between the designed New Green Street and Sailors, runs along the trough gouged by rainwater. Due to the significant slope of the terrain, an off-road staircase was designed on its route, but a "meander" - a path with a gentler slope - winds around it. Along the route of the passage, two recreational squares and rest areas - benches - spaced every 50-60 meters were designed. Comfort and safety of the passage between the Upper and Lower Oksywie was a very important evaluation criterion [ ...].

2nd place

The 2nd prize went to Aleksander Wadas Studio with a team consisting of: Aleksander Wadas and Weronika Marek.

II miejsce, proj.:
Aleksander Wadas Studio

2nd place, proj.: Aleksander Wadas Studio - Aleksander Wadas, Weronika Marek

© Aleksander Wadas Studio

The work was highly praised for its engaging modesty, respect for the forest and extremely coherent concept. The concept is based on a system of landings and trails that turn into stairs in areas with steeper slopes. Elevating the paths above the ground avoids flooding them with water flowing down from the mountain after heavy rains. A very interesting lighting installation solution was proposed, but in the opinion of the Competition Jury, the luminaires could cause glare to lower people and excessive light dispersion in the forest. As in the first-place prize-winning work, the use of existing landscape and height values and minimal, thoughtful interference with the terrain, as well as the creation of recreational areas, earned high marks. The amount of steel substructure, the necessary (though not always demonstrated) handrails and railings, and the amount of wood as a building block for paths is underestimated, according to the court, and the expected maintenance costs are high. The coherence of the concept, which is its great advantage, does not allow to look for potential savings in its adjustments," reads the jury's justification.

II miejsce, proj.:
Aleksander Wadas Studio, zagospodarowanie parku

Second place, proj.: Aleksander Wadas Studio, park development

© Aleksander Wadas Studio

The Competition Jury did not decide to award honorable mentions.

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