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How can color change an interior? Workshop with Stephanie Kraneveld

02 of October '20

The Poznań Design Festival is underway, with this year's edition expected to show the pro-social side of design, its ecological and economic responsibility and its drive to improve the quality of life. In addition to exhibitions and discussions, the event's program also includes workshops, including today's one on the importance of colors in design.

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Poznań Design Festiwal 2020

An exhibition as part of Poznań Design Festival 2020

photo: Marek Zakrzewski

A free online workshop aimed at design professionals will begin today, October 2, at 13:00 as part of the Poznań Design Festival. The meeting , "The Importance of Color in Design," will be led by Stephanie Kraneveld, a member of the Global Marketing Paints team, who has been in charge of color at the AkzoNobel brand since 2004. Kraneveld is responsible for Let's Colour, as well as color programs.

Color fascinates me because it is dynamic and has the power to change people's lives by building communities, changing behavior and making living spaces more pleasant. My favorite color is blue-green," says Stephanie Kraneveld.

The workshop will cover topics such as:

  • How does color change interiors?
  • What role does light play?
  • Why is the furnishings and dimensions of a space important?
  • How to create harmonious color combinations?

To participate in the workshop, all you need to do is sign up for it. You can find detailed information about the event here.

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