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How to arrange an empty apartment in 2 days?

24 of June '20

Alicja Korbut of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk has created an alternative to a standard turnkey apartment. Her project titled. "Non-developer state" is a set of modules that allow you to move into an apartment in a developer state. The concept is a thesis under the direction of Tadeusz Pietrzkiewicz, PhD, and Daria Bolewicka.

"Non-developer state" is a proposal for living in the space of an apartment or house in a developer state.

As the author states:

The idea was born when I started working as an interior designer and moving into my first apartment. I noticed that my clients lacked, among other things, the time to finish the apartment. In addition, a limited budget and the lack of interesting temporary alternatives available on the market for economical interior finishing become a trouble. Answering the questions - what does it really mean to live? I tried to create my own interpretation of the surrounding space.

Przykład aranżacji modułami

We design the space ourselves thanks to ready-made modules

© Alicja Korbut

interior building modules

Alicja Korbut designed a set of modules thanks to which we are able to move into an apartment in its raw state within one or two days, bypassing almost all standard renovation stages such as laying floors or finishing walls. We can assemble all the elements of the modules ourselves and finish the interiors ourselves without a renovation team. The modules not only furnish the interior, but also build any space, creating compositions. Each element is multifunctional and can be at the same time: a seat, a bedside table or a coffee table.

Baza podstawowych modułów

© Alicja Korbut

furniture substitutes

As the designer says:

I wanted to design a certain key to build further narrative, which is everyday life. In practice, this means that I designed a base of elements. These are modules that act as replacements for standard furniture. We can interpret each of the elements in different ways, so that it is we who give them their final function. For example, one module can serve us as both: a coffee table, a bedside table, a seat, a replacement for an RTV cabinet, or a hanging kitchen cabinet. We can combine and expand the modules with each other freely. Thanks to them, we can not only furnish rooms, but above all build, divide space.

przykładowa aranżacja wnętrza

© Alicja Korbut

Thanks to the designed elements, we are able to finish any room- kitchens, living rooms and even bathrooms. Alicja Korbut has created replacements also for standard flooring, tiles and walls dividing rooms. An added bonus is that we can fit all the elements into a standard passenger car and transport them to the new apartment ourselves.

lista produktów do aranżacji wnętrza

© Alicja Korbut

simple solutions

Alicja's idea makes designing the interior of an apartment easy and interesting.

Through this project I would like to show that simple solutions do not have to be boring. And the proposed set of modules will prove that we can design or reinterpret everything differently. Designing a living space can be unconventional and intriguing. I wanted to show that by designing simple solutions, we are able to create our own individual world. To make the space in which we find ourselves every day, it does not have to be only furnished, but above all interestingly designed," says the author.

"The state of not/developer" is proof that often in the way of interesting or original habitation the limitation is not the budget itself or a small area, but only our imagination.

compiled by: Dobrawa Bies

illustrations courtesy of Alicja Korbut

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