Wytypuj najlepszy projekt w 11. edycji konkursu „Najlepszy Dyplom ARCHITEKTURA”
Głosowanie na najlepszy projekt dyplomowy w 11. edycji konkursu „Najlepszy Dyplom ARCHITEKTURA”
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Best Diploma - Interiors

23 of June '20

Attention interior design students and graduates! We invite you to participate in the 1st edition of the A&B Academy competition for the best thesis defended in 2018-2020. We are looking for interesting, innovative solutions and a new perspective on design. Show off your achievements!

The competition for the Best Diploma - Interiors aims to promote a fresh look at interior design, interdisciplinary solutions and the combination of art and design skills.

what are we looking for?

Have you created a design for an apartment, a public space, a stage design, an exhibition or maybe designed a fashion show? Send your ideas and present new trends, bold ideas and interesting solutions on our pages.

competition calendar

The best of the submitted works will be published on the A&B portal and in the pages of our magazine, along with an original author's description. The contest will also feature an Audience Award selected by online voting on the A&B portal.

  • deadline for submission of works: September 30, 2021
  • adjudication of the competition: November 2021
  • address: dobrawa@archibi.pl (works should be sent via Wetransfer file transfer system)

Rules and details of the competition are available in the appendix.

The vote has already been cast

Interior trends 2023
Interior trends 2023
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