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A lamp of good light. "Dichromatic" from Aleksandra Stachowska

22 of June '20

Sleep is one of the most important physiological functions of our body, but many of us struggle with its disorders. Constant pressure, overwork and many responsibilities cause us to have trouble falling asleep. This phenomenon was faced by Aleksandra Stachowska, a graduate of the School of Form at SWPS University, who designed the "Dichromatic" lamp, which regulates our circadian rhythm.

Insomnia, irregular sleep or difficulty in falling asleep make us assimilate knowledge more poorly, have memory problems, work slower and perform worse at school. The beginning of the time when humans began to restrict sleep is considered to be the Industrial Revolution. The invention of the incandescent light bulb, which made it possible to work without interruption, played the biggest role in this period, which contributed to many sleep disorders.

Lampa Dichromatic, światło żółte Lampa
dichromatic, światło niebieskie

Dichroic glass allows you to change the color of light

© Aleksandra Stachowska

light and circadian rhythm

As the author states:

The industrial revolution has given us power over the night, but has disrupted our sleep. On the one hand, the development of technology makes it easier for us to function, but on the other hand, working and studying at the computer takes its toll on our condition. Most of us suffer from sleep disorders or regular weather changes. I wanted to propose a simple-to-use, non-pharmacological form of improving our quality of life.

Studies show that properly adjusted light regulates circadian rhythm and regenerates our body. Aleksandra Stachowska, based on medical analysis and optics, designed a lamp made of dichroic glass, which allows us to easily change the color and intensity of the light and adjust it to our mood and the season.

Detal lampy Stojąca lampa dichromatic

The lamp can be used throughout the day

© Aleksandra Stachowska

influence of yellow and blue color

The "Dichromatic" lamp can be used at different times of the day. The dichroic glass built into it makes it possible to obtain two colors using one light source. The user, rotating the dome 180 degrees, chooses between blue light to stimulate the body or yellow color to promote regeneration. In addition, the lamp comes with two interchangeable filters that adjust the light according to the season. The blue filter is designed for use in autumn and winter. It transmits short electromagnetic waves - blue and violet, and reflects yellow and red waves. It has the increased power of blue light needed in the morning, when it is often still dark, and stimulates us to activity. The second filter has the opposite effect - it transmits yellow and red wavelengths, and reflects blue and violet wavelengths. It has the best effect when applied in summer or spring, because it has a calming and calming effect. In this way, "Dichromatic" makes our body produce the right hormones and prepares for proper rest and improves sleep hygiene.

Kopułę lampy można obracać Metalowa kopuła lampy pozwala na obracanie

The dome of the lamp can be rotated 180 degrees

© Aleksandra Stachowska

As the author adds:

The project is a kind of response to the effects caused by the industrial revolution. It is important to me that a person should live in accordance with his physiology - sleep the right number of hours and that his body should work as it should.

The lamp is a graduation project, which was created under the direction of Jolanta Starzak and Mateusz Halawa and the guidance of Dr. Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka. "Dichromatic" is made of ash wood (base), powder-coated metal (legs) and dichroic glass.

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illustrations courtesy of Aleksandra Stachowska

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