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How to make a park out of a ruin? - pocket garden in Krakow

Wiktor Bochenek
18 of November '21

For several years, small pocket parks have been popping up in Krakow, trying to turn small wastelands into intimate gardens. The latest proposal by the Board of Urban Greenery, carried out after consultations with residents, is quite different from other pocket parks in Krakow.

latest park project

In Krakow's Zabłocie district, at 15 Dekerta Street, there is a building in a state of disrepair. It formerly served as a barracks for cavalry pioneers. In the 1980s, long after the demilitarization of the building, members of bands such as Maanam and Republika would reside here. After a detailed inventory, it turned out that the building was only suitable for demolition. The facility was overgrown with wild vegetation. The project, whose authors are ZZM employees, seeks to preserve the local context and give the place new life.

Visualization of the park at 15 Dekerta Street

© Press materials of the Board of Urban Greenery in Krakow

Only a fragment of the building will be restored and designated for social purposes. In the remaining part, the exterior walls will be restored, exposing the brick thread. The roof will be replaced by a pergola, which will eventually be overgrown with climbing plants. Benches, swings, and a workbench will be placed inside the complex. The park will feature pollinator-friendly flower and plant species. Trees are to not only surround the complex, but will also be located inside the facility. The space on Dekerta Street is to create a new platform for leisure activities.

when will the park be built?

The design of the park was presented in October of this year and generated a lot of interest. When will it be built and how much will it cost?

Visualization of the park at 15 Dekerta Street

© Press materials of the Board of Urban Greenery in Krakow.

This is next year's task. We want this investment to start and finish next year. It all depends on formal and legal arrangements and the course of the tender. Costs are difficult to determine, due to the fact that this is the first pocket park with a building that is part of the adapted area. It's hard to say specific amounts at this point. Certainly the amounts will be higher than previous pocket parks. The idea is to preserve the structures of the site - which is a completely different challenge," replies Aleksandra Mikolaszek of the Urban Greenery Board in Krakow.

Visualization of the park at 15 Dekerta Street

© Press materials of the Board of Urban Greenery in Krakow

The idea of creating small pocket parks established itself in Krakow several years ago. The use of small wastelands for greenery development is one example of introducing green accents into the urban landscape. They are not an alternative to large parks, but they add variety to the space in a pleasant way.


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