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Interiors in an eccentric and artistic style! Arrangement tricks

Dobrawa Bies
18 of February '21

Outside the windows gray and gloomy, winter is in full swing, spring is still far away. How not to give in to the sad aura? One way may be to gently change the interior design of the apartment. Adding vivid colors, patterned textiles, openwork and twisted elements will create an artistic space full of positive energy. Get to know our suggestions!

A space that, is a perfectly balanced combination of simplicity, originality, artistry and colors can be called an interior in an eccentric style.

w mocnych kolorach

Warm colors will add energy to any arrangement

© WestwingNow

original accessories

An eccentric person cares about the originality and uniqueness of the accessories he chooses for his interior. Unusual wall decorations, such as plates, for example, will fit in perfectly. Remember that all accessories look best in sets!

Eklektyczne wnętrz

Eclectic interior with floral motifs and strong colors

© WestwingNow

inspirations from around the world

An eccentric is constantly looking for inspiration. He often finds it during distant travels. Decorations in the shape of animals will remind him of his trips and inspire him anew. Animal motifs are also one of the absolute must-haves!

Linear art we

Face motifs on accessories will give the interior an artistic and delicate touch

© WestwingNow

linear art

Artistic character of the interior will be added by elements inspired by the atmosphere of the works of Henri Matisse and Picasso. Accessories with a linear motif will work well both in minimalist spaces - we will get the effect of an art gallery, and in more cozy and vintage interiors, we will feel like in an artist's studio. Simple, minimalist line compositions on wall graphics, carpets, pillows and ceramics are just that!

z motywami artystycznymi

Strong accents and color contrasts will create a distinctive arrangement

© WestwingNow

functional, original and natural

Although an interior decorated in an eccentric style should, above all, inspire and delight, it must also be functional. Here every detail, even the hanger, is carefully considered. Thus, an unusual model in the shape of a bird or an elephant should not surprise anyone. It is important that all elements, even the smallest accessories are made of excellent quality materials - durable, elegant and natural.

Linear art na

It is worth paying attention to accessories made of natural materials

© WestwingNow

If you are looking for other interior design inspiration, you can also find it in articles about Norwegian koselig style, Japanese ikigai, or biophilic design trend.

Dobrawa Bies

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