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22 of October '19

A lot has been going on in the Association of Polish Architects in recent days! This is because the various branches are holding general meetings, during which the four-year terms of the boards of directors that are coming to an end are summed up and elections of new authorities are held. We have compiled for you a list of presidents elected for the 2019-2023term, congratulations to all of them!

SARP General Board 2019-2023 term

Bohdan Lisowski (Krakow branch) - President of SARP
Marek Chrobak (Rzeszow branch) - Vice President for Internal Affairs.
Jerzy Grochulski (Warsaw branch) - Vice President for Foreign Affairs.
Agnieszka Kalinowska-Sołtys (Warsaw branch) - Vice President for Environment and Climate Protection
Grzegorz Stiasny (Warsaw branch) - First Vice President of SARP, Vice President for Creative Affairs
Marek Szeniawski (Warsaw branch) - Secretary of SARP
Krzysztof Ozimek (Warsaw branch) - Treasurer of SARP

Members of the General Board

Karol Fiedor (Poznań branch)
Tomasz Karpowicz (Wybrzeże branch)
Jacek Krych (Katowice branch)
Rafał Mroczkowski (Warsaw branch)
Marek Perepeczo (Koszalin branch)
Rafał Rokiciński (Warsaw branch)
Małgorzata Schmidt (Bydgoszcz branch)
Piotr Śmierzewski (Koszalin branch)

SARP Białystok

Dr. Piotr Trojniel, author of the Home Hospital in Biala Podlaska, awarded in the 2018 SARP Award of the Year competition, an academic at the Faculty of Architecture at Bialystok University of Technology.

SARP Bielsko-Biała

Maciej Zuber, owner of ARCHAS DESIGN studio.

SARP Bydgoszcz

Jacek Wiśniewski, architect of the FORMAT Design Studio specializing in hospital design.

SARP Częstochowa

Hubert Wąsek, a graduate of the Cracow University of Technology, president of the Częstochowa branch of SARP since 2015.

SARP Gorzow Wielkopolski

Agnieszka Wasielewska-Prychoda, served as Treasurer of the Board of Directors in the Gorzow branch of SARP in the previous term.

SARP Jelenia Góra

Paweł Orłowski, a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at Wrocław University of Technology, has run the design office PØ PRACOWNIA ARCHITEKTURY since 2012.

SARP Katowice

Mikołaj Machulik, a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, architect at The Onions Architects.

SARP Kielce

Janusz Janik, served as Treasurer of the Board in the previous term. Owner of JJ Studio of Architecture.

SARP Koszalin

Bartosz Warzecha, graduate of the Szczecin University of Technology. He has run his own studio, Warzecha Studio, since 1998.

SARP Kraków

Marek Kaszyński, a graduate of the Cracow University of Technology, has served as Treasurer of the Board of the Cracow branch of SARP since 2012.

SARP Lublin

Wojciech Bielecki, owner of the architectural design firm Wojciech Bielecki.


Jakub Krzysztofik, a graduate of Lodz University of Technology and founder of 3DARCHITEKCI studio.

SARP Olsztyn

Adriana Patalas, served as Secretary of the Board in the Olsztyn branch of SARP in the previous term, from 2015.

SARP Opole

Mariusz Tenczyński, an architect at db2 architekci, co-author of the administrative and receptionbuilding of the Opole Village Museum, among other projects.

SARP Poznan

Wojciech Krawczuk, architect from the FRONT ARCHITECTS studio in Poznań.

SARP Radom

Magda Wielogórska, director of the Municipal Urban Planning Studio in Radom, has also worked at the Municipal Office for Spatial Planning and Development Strategies in Warsaw and at the starosty in Piaseczno.

SARP Rzeszow

Piotr Rzeźwicki, partner in the Rzeszów-based architectural firm ITP ARCHITEKCI.

SARP Slupsk

Maciej Araszkiewicz, author of local development plans for Slupsk and surrounding communities.

SARP Szczecin

Karol Nieradka, graduate of the Faculty of Construction and Architecture at Szczecin University of Technology. Since 2010, he has run the maxberg Design Office in Szczecin.

SARP Toruń

Piotr Sobociński, graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at Gdansk University of Technology, lead architect at Sobociński Architekci.

SARP Warsaw

Marta Sękulska-Wrońska, an architect at WXCA studio in Warsaw, co-author of such projects as the Polish Pavilion at Expo in Dubai in 2020, the Museum of the Greater Poland Uprising in Poznań and the Museum of the Lubomirski Dukes in Wrocław.

SARP Wrocław

Daria Kieżun, a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at Wrocław University of Technology. She has headed the Wrocław branch of SARP since 2015.

SARP Wybrzeże

Pawel Vlad. Kowalski studied at the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Gdansk, owner of the KOWALSKI architekci studio. He has served as president of the SARP Wybrzeże branch since 2015.

SARP Zielona Góra

Jerzy Gołębiowski, co-author of the design of the Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross in Zielona Góra.

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