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KUO and TAMIZO merged into one studio

02 of October '23

Two major architectural studios have merged into one. KUOO and TAMIZO ARCHITECTS have merged into one team - KUOTAMIZO ARCHITECTS. The merger of the studios was announced under unusual circumstances.

The studios of Katarzyna Kuo Stolarska and Mateusz Kuo Stolarski have been present on the Polish architectural scene for more than twenty years. As part of their work, they have designed the architecture of single-family houses, multi-family houses, office buildings and interiors. The designers have repeatedly served on juries of architectural competitions and were among the co-founders of the Society of Interior Designers (SAW). They have also been active in the Association of Polish Architects (SARP). In the pages of we presented the interior of an apartment of the KUO project and a house built in Estonia of the TAMIZO project. Both spoke for A&B on the rate per square meter with architects.

In 2021, KUO and Tamizo took part in the Architecture Open Studio Festival, where they gave a tour of their studio and talked about the work of an architect. Video of the event is available on

Considering the potential of our companies, we did not want to squander their individual achievements and stories. Our intention was not to create a new brand, but to combine competencies. Hence in the name both KUOO and TAMIZO," explain Katarzyna and Mateusz Kuo Stolarscy.

KUO i TAMIZO połączyły się w jedną pracownię - ogłoszono to w metaverse

KUO and TAMIZO have merged into one studio, the metaverse announced.


opening in the virtual space

The merger of the two studios into KUOOTAMIZO ARCHITECTS took place under rather unusual circumstances. The launch of the joint brand took place in the Metaverse. In virtual reality, the architect and the architect presented not only architecture, but also design and photography projects.

The gallery in the Metaverse world is available at

We operate under the belief that our connection through the marriage knot adds even more depth and harmony to KUOOTAMIZO's projects. Our closeness and understanding - both on a personal and professional level - translate into the creation of interiors that exude warmth, intimacy and distinctive style," points out Katarzyna Kuo Stolarska.

elaborated: Wiktor Bochenek

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