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Luxurious and minimalist interior from KUOO Architects

Małgorzata Tomczak
09 of November '20

KUOO Architects is an interior design studio based in Lodz, Poland. However, it operates with great success throughout Poland and abroad. Its founder, Katarzyna Kuo Stolarska, a member of the Association of Interior Architects, is known for her attention to high quality and detail in her projects. The studio has a distinctive recognizable style, which is characterized by modernity, simplicity, elegance and minimalism.

One of KUOO Architects ' recent projects is the interior design of a detached house in the Tri-City area. The more than 400-square-meter volume is designed for a family with three children. The owner is an architect (non-practicing), which, as Katarzyna Kuo Stolarska emphasizes, had a great impact on the good and fruitful cooperation. Moreover, this is not their first joint project. Previously, KUOO Architects designed the interior of the family's seaside apartments.

Photo: © KUOO Architects

artistic details and cozy simplicity

As Katarzyna Kuo Stolarska emphasizes, the one-story house did not require a change in layout, the functions were perfected with the architects of the block. Characteristic in the house are large glazing windows opening to a beautiful garden full of lush greenery with terraces forming interior patios.

From the interior architects, the investors expected a simple, clean and spacious interior, in which it is easy to have order and tidiness, which is important especially with three children. Hence the small number of elements. However, in order to give the whole a distinctive character, the focus was on quality. The white corian island, although quite large, gives the interior a formal lightness. Perfectly matched colors and shades of individual furnishings, materials, lighting and even artwork provide the whole with coherence and sophisticated taste. This, by the way, is the hallmark of KUOO Architects. Besides, as the author points out, they work with artist Grzegorz Worpus-Budzijewski on almost every interior. In this project he is the author of the black painting painted with volcanic ash, with Willy Verginer's sculptures standing in the background. The lobby, meanwhile, features a wooden sculpture by Antoni Rząsa.

Photo: © KUOO Architects

So the style is simple, kept in sandy natural colors. It was very important to guide the design in such a way that any changes, such as the introduction of colorful cushions, fabrics would not affect the expression of the whole. The base is very consistent and succeeds in being a closed whole. In the house, users can enjoy a cinema room, where acoustic cladding was used on the walls. Each interior is refined and tailored to the needs and requirements of the residents.

customized design

KUOO Architects has a very strict methodology for design work. The architects go through the same stages with each client. This ensures an optimal response to investors' needs. Each stage is carefully analyzed and discussed. Each material, color, detail is presented to the client in the studio and before a decision is made to use it, it can be seen in detail on a sampler in daylight and artificial light, touched, felt and decided. This approach guarantees quality and future satisfaction of the investor. Nothing here is accidental.

Małgorzata Tomczak

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