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Optimistic and colorful interior in Saska Kepa from NOD Studio

10 of November '20

The Warsaw apartment by the NOD Studio duo(Natalia Doraczynska and Olga Panek) is an antidote to the not-so-positive reality surrounding us today. This small interior exudes optimism, humor and.... color. Strong pastel walls, many plants, eye-catching lamps, furnishings - designer, but kept to a minimum, make up an original space.

projection of a studio apartment

drawing: © NOD Studio

Anna Popiel-Moszyńska: Natalia, Olgo, the apartment presented now is a sort of counterbalance to the tranquility of the studio apartment in Mokotow, drowning in delicate shades of gray, presented by A&B in March this year. Where did you get the idea to design this space in such a way?

NOD Studio: Each project is a response to a specific expectation of the Investor or is the fulfillment of his dreams. In this case, it was the second apartment for the same investor. Already when designing the first interior, the idea of introducing a considerable dose of pink appeared - but we eventually abandoned this idea. When the investors came back to us with the intention of furnishing the apartment for short-term rental, we knew that with such a specific function we could let our imagination run wild.

living room

Photo: Artur Piasecki © NOD Studio

AP-M: In the photos we can see many of the original elements of the old building - did you interfere with the existing functional layout, or did you focus on valorizing the existing interior?

NOD Studio: The investment in Saska Kepa had, by design, a very limited budget. From the beginning there was no question, if only for financial reasons, of interfering with the existing functional layout, especially since the existing elements of the old building added a certain charm to the interiors. Anyway - except for the floor and electrical installation - despite "limited" funds, basically the whole apartment underwent a thorough renovation. We strongly focused on the color concept and finding unusual accessories, especially lighting and furniture.


Photo: Artur Piasecki © NOD Studio

APM: What draws attention in the small space is the minimalist, uncluttered kitchen and the almost total absence of cabinets or other storage for everyday items. What is driving this decision?

NOD Studio: Since the purpose of the apartment is short-term rental, it was clear that with such an assumption we didn't need a lot of storage space or closets, rather a place for a suitcase and a few personal items. The kitchen, also seemingly minimalist, however, hides a few surprises - a hidden tiny dishwasher or oven.


Photo: Artur Piasecki © NOD Studio

APM: Part of the height of all the walls was painted in a strong, albeit pastel color. How did you come up with such a, one might say, very photogenic and almost "instagram" idea?

NOD Studio: As we have already mentioned, the introduction of color into the interior was the realization of the Investors' earlier dreams. However, since the apartment is quite poorly lit - there are a lot of trees in front of the building, which is typical for Saska Kepa - we didn't want to introduce color throughout and decided to add white, which brightens the whole. So you could say that this "Insta" effect was created through a natural compromise.

: Thank you for the interview.

interviewed: Anna Popiel-Moszyńska

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