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The world seen from the child's eye level. Warsaw kindergarten designed by PORT studio

Ola Kloc
09 of November '20
Technical data
Name: Kindergarten department in elementary school
Investor: City Council of Warsaw Praga Północ district
Location: Poland, Warsaw, Namysłowska 1
Studio: PORT Józef Franczok, Marcin Kolanus
Author cooperation: Agata Matczuk, Kinga Łukasińska


  • land
  • building

5 019 m²
1 225 m²

When designing spaces and interiors for the youngest, it is necessary to slightly change the perspective, after all, as the architects from the Wroclaw-based PORT studio write, the world seen from the level of a child's eyes presents itself differently from that observed by adults. Guided by this thought, the designers undertook the task of converting a part of an elementary school in Warsaw into a kindergarten adapted to the needs of the youngest.

We based the design on placing all the elements in the halls exclusively at the children's eye level, leaving what is above as the background. We wanted to make sure that after the remodeling of the existing interiors, the little users would feel that the space was designed with them in mind," write architects from the PORT studio.

szkic of corridorszkic of corridorszkic of corridor

sketch of the corridor


Thanks to the reconstruction, kindergarten classrooms adapted to the children's perspective were created. The inner corridors, thanks to openings in the walls, have been illuminated with daylight, and in addition, the introduced recesses act as seats and allow children to look into the neighboring rooms allowing interaction. The rooms are dominated by bright colors - white, a natural shade of wood, gray and a few turquoise accents.

The siedziska in-cavitysiedziska in-cavitysiedziska in-cavity

alcove seats

Photo: Jakub Certowicz

Since the facade of the existing school building on Namysłowska Street is surrounded by conservation protection, the architects did not have the option of lowering the parapets so that the children would have a view of the courtyard.

We found the solution in the platforms, which allow children to observe what's going on outside, build up the topography of the area inside the room, and additionally serve as storage compartments for toys, the designers add.

The podesty also function as toy storage compartmentspodesty also function as toy storage compartmentspodesty also function as toy storage compartments

platforms also function as toy storage compartments

photo: Jakub Certowicz

In order to make the building accessible to people with disabilities, the elderly or those with a baby carriage, a yellow ribbon-shaped ramp was designed, which winds its way up against the historic gray facade while enlivening the building. In addition, the staircase was unified and extended across the full width of the building so that it could serve as a grandstand for the playground and an agora for school and kindergarten gatherings.

żółta ribbon-shaped rampżółta ribbon-shaped rampżółta ribbon-shaped ramp

yellow ramp in the form of a ribbon


This is not the only project of the Wroclaw architectural studio tailored to the needs of young users. The team of architects also has to its credit the original interior of an elementary school in Milicz.

Ola Kloc

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