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A cozy apartment in Warsaw's Solec district. Bright interior designed by Kontent studio

09 of November '20

Is there a recipe for a cozy apartment? For many, the first association is bright and warm wall colors, natural materials, soft textures, atmospheric lighting - these are certainly elements that help create a serene interior. However, something else is needed. Monika Ryszka, an architect from the Kontent studio, and Agnieszka Popielak, when asked about the secret of the design of the apartment in Warsaw's Solec district, revealed that it should create a pleasant, unobtrusive background for the lives of its inhabitants. After all, it is the homeowners, their energy, souvenirs brought back from their travels or their favorite accessories that determine what the space around them ultimately looks like.

The apartment of the Kontent studio project meets all the conditions of the mentioned "coziness". - Against the background of the bright walls in the living room, a long sofa in brick-red color comes to the fore, next to it stand two, woven, round coffee tables and a ceramic pot, as well as other places to relax - the iconic Butterfly chair, also known as BKF chair designed in 1938 in Buenos Aires (design: Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy) and a beige chaise longue.

naturalne kolory
w salonie krzesło Butterfly, znane
także jako BKF chair

cozy living room

Photo: Hanna Połczyńska | studio chronicles

The kitchen is separated from the living room by a minimalist bookcase, open on two sides. Natural light reaches the kitchen arranged in an L-shaped plan thanks to two large glass windows. Along the longer side of the room, furniture in a pastel mint shade and partially open kitchen shelves hanging above the countertops are arranged. A wooden table was situated closer to the living room.

The bedroom is kept in light colors, and the bathroom - in a darker shade of khaki.

przytulna sypialnia łazienka

left: bedroom; right: bathroom

Photo: Hanna Połczyńska | studio chronicles

Ola Kloc: What was the investor's priority?

Monika Ryszka: It's hard to say unequivocally, because the investor gave us a lot of freedom. However, if I had to point out one place in the house that was of great importance in the project from the beginning, it would be the kitchen. This part of the apartment, in addition to fulfilling its primary function, was to become a place for meetings and conversations of household members, thus creating a kind of heart of the planned layout of the space. Our task, therefore, became to integrate the kitchen space with the living area and family life while hiding the creative disorder naturally associated with cooking.

widok z salonu na
kuchnię meble w kuchni


Photo: Hanna Połczyńska | kroniki studio

Ola: The interior appears bright and cozy, what furnishings or decisions about colors, textures and materials contribute to this effect?

Monika: The apartment is meant to create a pleasant, unobtrusive background for the lives of its inhabitants. The aesthetic is a fusion of the contemporary character of the place and a longing for the energy we can find in nature. We tried to use as many authentic materials as possible in the project, which will age nobly and at the same time will not be alien to the existing spatial context. It was important to us to create an interior that would be characterized above all by balance. A balance between openness and closure, between being together and being apart, but also more literally between colors and structures.

drewniany dining room tabledrewniany dining room tabledrewniany dining room table

wooden dining room table

Photo: Hanna Połczyńska | chronicles studio

: The living room included the extremely popular BKF chair and an interesting braided coffee table, what was the main inspiration for the creation of this interior and the choice of furniture and accessories?

Monica: For us, the main inspiration is always the person, and we start every concept from him. We try to get to know well the people for whom we design places. Ms. Ilona, the head of the project, is an incredibly warm, friendly, energetic, optimistic and open person. I hope that at least a little of this space is like that too. A house is such a place that will never be finished and is subject to constant change, just like a person. The end of the project is just the beginning, so I hope that the plasticity of this space will naturally adapt these following changes of furniture, memorabilia and accessories over time.

przytulny living roomprzytulny living roomprzytulny living room

cozy living room

Photo: Hanna Połczyńska | studio chronicles

: What was the biggest difficulty in the project, and what are you most satisfied with?

Monika: Small difficulties are part of the project process and every difficulty can usually be solved, so we never focus on them, because they are most simply not there in the final world. What I'm happy about is that we managed to create an extroverted space where people can make their own decisions about how they will use this space depending on their mood or situation. It's that functional sphere, invisible at first glance, which is not described by nouns.

: Thank you for the interview!

Ola Kloc

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