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The Frame - TV even for those who don't watch TV, or art on your wall

09 of November '20

To change the atmosphere of an interior design, sometimes all it takes is a small detail - new pillows, colorful curtains, original photos or unique paintings on the walls. The latter have a special power to create an atmosphere in rooms - their sizes, shapes, dominant colors, appropriate frames can affect how we feel in a particular interior or bring back memories of visits to favorite galleries or museums. Have you ever wondered how paintings by Monet, Rubens or Van Gogh would look in your living room?

You can check it out... with one click of the remote control of The Frame TV .

art and technology

Do you dream of admiring at home the works of the Impressionists or collections of paintings from world-famous museums such as Madrid's Prado or London's Tate Modern, or perhaps you would like to enrich the interior design of your office, studio or study with photographs by Alex Webb or David Alan Harvey? And most importantly, be able to change them every day, depending on your mood? You can do it thanks to. Samsung's modern The Frame TV, which combines art and technology in a minimalist setting.

i technologia w minimalistycznej oprawie

Art and technology in a minimalist setting

© Samsung


ATV doesn't have to be a black rectangle when turned off. It can express who you are and what you like and change every time your mood changes or you feel like rearranging your interior. The Art Mode feature on Samsung The Frame TV allows you, after you've finished a movie or the evening news, to turn the screen into an art gallery - the off TV becomes a painting, adapting to your style and making your interior even more special!

Art Store - the best of the best on your wall

The collections of renowned museums and galleries are available as part of the dedicated Art Store collection, which currently includes more than 1,200 works of art by outstanding artists from prestigious cultural institutions such as Paris' Louvre, London's Victoria and Albert Museum, Florence's Uffizi Gallery and the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. They include such paintings as Johannes Vermeer's mysterious "Girl with a Pearl," Gustav Klimt's atmospheric "The Kiss" and Vincent van Gogh's iconic "Sunflowers." The Art Store's official curator is Elise Van Middelem, a world-renowned art advisor who seeks out and recommends artists and selects artworks and defines key categories in the Art Store so that you can enjoy works of the highest quality and best taste in your home. Art Store is a paid service. It can be used on a paid monthly subscription basis.

aranżacja wnętrza z telewizorem The Frame aranżacja wnętrza z telewizorem The Frame

Examples of interior design with The Frame TV

© Samsung

my collection - a family picture with a diagonal of 75"

You can also view your own photos or a family portrait on The Frame screen by simply uploading your photos via your phone, or USB flash drive. For an even better fit, you can apply one of six aesthetic filters to give your photos a new character.

Set up family photos and passe-partout with the app

© Samsung


No Gap, no cry

Displayed on the wall, The Frame TV, mounted flat thanks to the No Gap hanger and free of cable clutter ( One Almost Invisible Cable will take care of that!) looks like a real painting - not only is it part of a home gallery, but also, thanks to interchangeable frames, it adapts to the style and character of any interior.

dzięki wieszakowi No
Gap telewizor prezentuje się na ścianie niczym prawdziwy obraz

Thanks to the No Gap hanger, the TV presents itself on the wall like a real painting

© Samsung

"picture" frames - to choose from, to color

In addition to the classic graphite TV frame, you can choose frames in walnut, black, beige or white, and they are very easy to replace, thanks to the magnets installed in them! Minimalist, carefully finished frames will make your chosen picture look like on the walls of an art gallery, and if you feel like playing with colors - you can freely change the width and color of the passe-partout surrounding the picture. The TV can also be placed on legs or on a special stand - an easel (Studio Stend).

wymiana ram, dzięki
zamontowanym w nich magnesom, jest bardzo prosta

Changing the frames, thanks to the magnets installed in them, is very easy

© Samsung

art with feeling

Samsung The Frame TV is also equipped with motion and light sensors. The night light sensor detects ambient lighting and automatically balances the brightness and color of the screen so that the picture you choose looks natural. The motion sensor, on the other hand, to save energy, detects the moment you leave the room and automatically turns off Art Mode. When you return - the image reappears on the screen.

The Frame not only complements the interior, but also adapts to it. With its picture adaptation function, it automatically adjusts the contrast and backlight level of the screen to match the light level of the room, so that whether the sun is streaming through the window or you're watching movies in complete darkness - the picture will be of the best quality.

czujnik ruchu wykrywa
moment, w którym opuszczasz pomieszczenie i automatycznie wyłącza Tryb Sztuka zbiory renomowanych muzeów
i galerii dostępne są w ramach dedykowanej kolekcji Art Store

The TV is equipped with motion and light sensors

© Samsung

feel the "texture" of the picture

Thanks to 4K resolution and Quantum Dot technology, Samsung TV impresses with the intensity and richness of colors, visible details that make it possible - regardless of the viewing angle - to see the smallest details and almost feel the texture of our favorite images.

form and function, or a new quality in the interior

Many of us have a TV set at home, but more and more often it ceases to serve only as a receiver - we connect to the Internet through it, watch movies on streaming platforms, show vacation photos or play on a console connected to the screen. Now we can have something more - a functional, modern SmartTV (Tizen system) with a full range of applications and useful functions in QLED technology, which at the same time will be an extraordinary interior decoration, tailored to our taste and style, enclosed in an elegant frame, a private art gallery.

telewizor The Frame

The Frame TV, which becomes a picture when turned off

© Samsung

Material created in cooperation with SAMSUNG

Photo: © Samsung


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