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Black in interiors - 5 design tricks

06 of November '20

For many, black seems to be a rather controversial color, especially when it concerns its use in interiors. Some fear its strong, overwhelming, impact, while others appreciate it for its simplicity and timelessness. Discover the reasons why you should dare and add black furniture, lamps or decorations to your apartment arrangement!

When arranging an apartment, we often face difficult choices, one of which may be the appropriate selection and combination of colors - especially black. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about this color.

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Black is universal and goes with all colors

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1. what colors does black go with?

Black is universal, so it goes with all colors and can be freely combined with them. With light colors it will give the effect of a stylish contrast, while with dark colors - a mysterious depth.

2. why does black never go out of fashion?

Black color, like white, is timeless, so it will always be in fashion. You can be sure that even in a few years it will not cease to be welcome in interiors.

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Black furniture is light thanks to its openwork construction

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3. can black look light in the interior?

A few black accents will add character to the arrangement without overwhelming it. Even furniture in this color can look light if it has an openwork design or thin legs.

4. with what style of interior does black harmonize best?

Most often it appears in arrangements in the modern style, because it creates with bright colors a clear tonal contrast, strengthening the modern impression. However, you can use it in any style to which you want to add a strong character.

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Black looks good juxtaposed with gold

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5. is black elegant enough?

Of course, the black color undeniably ennobles any arrangement. If you want to add even more chic to your decor, choose furniture or accessories with a solid, glossy surface, or juxtapose the black color with gold or a mirrored panel.

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