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Nikiszowiec differently. Interior from Nice Young People

Helena Postawka-Lech
05 of November '20

The interior of an apartment in Nikiszowiec, designed by Przemyslaw Nowak and Lech Moczulski of the Mili Młodzi Ludzie office, operates with color and texture. Referring to the history of the place, the designers brought out what is characteristic of the region: brick, coal black and red window glyphs. Around this they built a space that is the result of a dialogue with the residents.

Nikiszowiec, is the second housing development after Giszowiec, designed by architects Emil and Georg Zillmann for the Georg von Giesches Erben mining and metallurgical concern. It was intended for employees of the nearby mine. Unlike Giszowiec, it housed multi-family buildings. For the early 20th century, they were characterized by high standards, numerous common spaces such as laundries and mangle, electricity and sewerage. Nikiszowiec also became firmly established in architectural history thanks to the distinctive form of its brick buildings.


© Janina Tyńska

brick in the leading role

The architects' task was to create a functional space, which at the same time would not disturb the unique, somewhat fairy-tale character of the apartment. The architects decided to bring out the most characteristic element for the estate, namely the brick. The plasters were cut away, and the original brick that appeared from under them was painted black. The color refers to the other element associated with the neighborhood's heritage, coal. It contrasts with the white of the pine wood used to make the wooden cubby in the middle of the apartment. This central structure, as the designers call it, hides the bathroom and utility room. The central structure is also a way to replace traditional divisions of space, such as partitions, with a more innovative solution.

living room

© Janina Tyńska

The kitchen as a workshop

The focal point of an apartment is the kitchen. In the design process, the architects agreed with the residents that the kitchen should resemble a workshop in its appearance. After all, this is how the residents understand this space - as a place for forging ideas, not only culinary ones, and a field for experimentation. This is alluded to by the island in the middle of the kitchen with legs made of rebar wire and the lamps hanging above it. Reinforcing wire was also used in the sliding door handles and in the bookcase. In the latter, it gives an interesting effect to a piece of furniture that combines industrial character and lightness. It also makes it openwork and reveals a large part of the brick wall.

The bathtub in the bedroom

© Janina Tyńska

characterful details

The character of the interior manifests itself in the details. The red-painted window splays not only contrast with the other colors used in the interior, but above all are a continuation of the architecture of Nikiszowiec. In this interesting way, the architects connected the interior with the exterior, establishing the continuity of the space. The bathtub in the bedroom or the climbing wall above the bed are also unusual solutions. They reflect the character and passion of the owners. Their interests were also used to decorate the apartment. In the recesses above the bath were placed glass balls with miniatures, cities that the residents collect.

Helena Postawka-Lech

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